10 WWE wrestlers Mattel could reveal figures at SDCC 2017

8. Bob Backlund

WWE Bob_Backlund

After watching some of his WWF heavyweight run from the late 70s and 80s, Backlund lacked a special spark. It wasn’t until he went crazy in the mid 90s that he became interesting. The New Generation era is nearing completion of viable characters and Backlund’s absence is now noticeable. This could be one of Mattel’s simplest figures, but I’d hope Backlund’s sweet blue robe gets included as well.

7. The Fabulous Freebirds

My Kerry and Kevin Von Erich desperately need their biggest rivals under the Mattel umbrella. It’s this weird dynamic. We got the Freebirds from Jakks, but no Von Erichs and now no Freebirds. In the absolute best case scenario, Mattel would release Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts in an exclusive line (Hall of Fame, Then Now and Forever) and then pack Michael Hayes in a two pack with David Von Erich so we can complete the main components of one of wrestling’s best feuds in a relatively short period of time.

6.  Syxx

Yes, I maneuvered my list just so Syxx could be number 6. Mattel slowed down its efforts on the n.W.o. after Hulk Hogan’s suspension, but we’ve slowly gotten some of the key members. Syxx is one of the few obvious choices of the core group. And of all the other characters on this list, he’s one of the least labor intensive for Mattel since it’s more a matter of repainting the X-Pac figure to Syxx attire. Hall and Nash need their little buddy.

5. Bobby Roode

The face of NXT has been one of the best performers in the business for years. I’m glad he’s getting a chance to shine as the NXT champ even though he’s better than 80% of the main roster. His place in WWE won’t hold him back from getting a figure though so as long as Mattel gives us Roode with his trademark robe and the updated NXT title I’ll be thrilled.

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