10 WWE wrestlers Mattel could reveal figures at SDCC 2017

4. The Rock n Roll Express

Rock n Roll Express

Jakks completely mangled their attempt at Ricky and Robert, somehow managing to swap their hair colors. Mattel can right that wrong and give NWA fans one of their major wants off their list. The timing also works in their favor since the RnR just went into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. I can’t think of many tag teams better suited for the Target WWE Hall of Fame two-packs than Ricky and Robert.

3. Surfer Sting

Surfer Sting

Mattel has botched both previous attempts at Surfer Sting. We’ve seen pictures of a better Surfer Sting head, but yet to have seen it attached on an Elite Surfer Sting figure. Sting is a character I’ll happily buy every version of once they get it right and a better Surfer Sting Elite figure is amazingly still a major want despite Mattel having gotten several cracks at him.

2. The Hardy Boyz

Hardy Boyz WWE

I figure these last two won’t be the biggest surprise. Mattel really dropped the ball when The Dudley Boyz arrived on the scene last year. Bubba and D-Von stayed just long enough to get two sets of figures. Unfortunately they were just based on their current attire and not their long collector demanded Attitude Era gear. With Bubba content in ROH for the time being, the odds of getting Attitude Era Dudley Boyz at any point next year is pretty much nonexistent.

Hopefully, Mattel execs learned their lesson and are going the Flashback route immediately with Jeff and Matt. And not so coincidentally, The Hardy Boyz should get their Attitude Era versions made first. We can pair them off with Elite 41 Lita and complete Team Extreme.

1. Kurt Angle

WWE Kurt Angle

Since he was a fixture at TNA for years, Kurt Angle has been a Holy Grail for Mattel WWE collectors. Now that he’s back ‘home,’ Mattel should be going nuts. I’m talking a slew of variants with some of Angle’s patriotic best attires. By this time next year, Mattel will have hit a home run here if we get both an early era Angle with hair — to pair with the King of the Ring exclusive Shane McMahon — and the familiar bald version. We can only hope Mattel learned its lesson with Hulk Hogan and doesn’t try and drag its feet on all the major looks for all-time top greats like Angle.

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