WWE TNF Miss Elizabeth, WWE Network Spotlight figures pics

Miss Elizabeth was noticeably absent with the reveals of the third Then Now Forever wave. Naturally that prompted some concern and speculation about how the figure turned out. Fortunately those concerns were put to rest today with the reveal of Miss Elizabeth’s latest figure. 

Those hoping for a new head sculpt will be disappointed. I’m fine with the original one. Since we haven’t had a ton of Miss Elizabeth figures this doesn’t feel like overkill. I appreciate Mattel going a different style of dress here. This is more reminiscent of how she would typically wear to ringside anyway. Now to figure out which Macho Man figure best matches this green and black combination.


We also got MOC pics of the WWE Network Spotlight figures. The Sting figure hasn’t lost anything in translation from the original proto pics. Hopefully at Comic Con, Mattel reveals an Elite Surfer Sting figure. I’d be perfectly happy getting this exact version in Elite form.

WWE Network Spotlight Surfer Sting figureThe Enzo Amore is the other big standout featuring another terrific head sculpt. Based on some Internet rumors, we might not be in for many more Enzo figures so I’m glad Mattel already provided alternate looks for him.

WWE Network Spotlight Enzo Amore figure

Big Cass and Brock Lesnar get decent figures. Cass benefits from the Elite articulation since this is a wrestling attire. Brock fares better since he’s in street clothes.

Photo Credit: Mattel

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