DC Comics reviews for 8/9/17

The Flash #28

The Flash #28 cover

Joshua Williamson might just be a big Superman III fan judging by the first installment of the Negative arc. Following his encounter with Reverse Flash, it’s not just Barry Allen’s powers that are going haywire. His personality is getting on the fritz too.

But Barry isn’t too quick to pick up on those changes. He’s more focused on the changes to his powers, which make a simple routine robbery prevention a catastrophe. The Flash has long enjoyed a strong relationship with Central City residents and that’s being tested as he starts becoming a public nuisance.

That’s not the only problem as someone is stealing evidence from the CCPD crime lab. And Singh tasks Barry and three co-workers with identifying the thief. It’s great to see a Barry Allen subplot that has little to do with The Flash and I’m excited to see how this develops.

The fun in this storyline is seeing the normally overly concerned and general worrywart Barry gradually becoming more and more selfish. It’s a fun direction to take the character that best embodies hope in the DC Universe to start giving in to his worst impulses.

The Flash #28 interior art

Carmine Di Giandomenico handles the art for this issue and he seems invigorated with this new way to explore Flash’s powers. I’ve always been a fan of how Di Giandomenico lays out his pages and the dynamic framing and character positioning. He’d been off his game a little in previous issues, but this was an encouraging return to form.

That’s a sentiment that holds true for the title as well. Two back to back Reverse Flash stories took away somewhat from Williamson’s abilities to create fresh challenges for Flash. Negative gets off to a great start with some fun possibilities of what’s ahead for The Flash.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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