DC Comics reviews for the week of 8/16/17

Dark Night Metal #1

Dark Nights Metal #1 cover

Try your absolute hardest not to let someone ruin the big surprise of Dark Night Metal #1. In previous installments like The Forge and The Casting, Scott Snyder seemed like he was taking readers in one direction. But with Metal #1, it’s clear this story is going to take a much more bonkers, out there and incredibly fun direction. And that’s after the Justice League pulls a Voltron against Mongul.

There’s a lot to dissect, which will probably make more sense as the story unfolds. For now the League finds itself trying to deal with one of Batman’s biggest missteps. And things already are shaping up to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

I wish Snyder addressed the time frame of this story specifically the involvement of Hal Jordan instead of Earth’s Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz and Aquaman’s return to the League. Events going on in those respective titles would seem to make their involvement here questionable. That slight continuity question aside, it doesn’t hurt the main story.

Metal has been the main focus of this story and Snyder teases and delivers on further developments from the Dark Days lead-ins. One return in particular was great to see in the Rebirth era and hopefully that will lead to a recurring role following Metal.

Dark Nights Metal #1 interior art

Reunited with Snyder following their epic run on Batman, artist Greg Capullo hasn’t missed a step. Capullo’s pages roar with a real energy that takes Metal to another level.

I want to say more. I really want to get into that final page, but this is the first book since Rebirth #1 you absolutely need to read for yourself. Stay as isolated as you need to in order to avoid the spoilers. It’s well worth with it.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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