Celebrating 10 of the WWE’s hardest working professionals on Labor Day

WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure review -main pic

Isaac Yankem

Being a dentist is a pretty good paying gig. Strangely, there was no investigation for Isaac Yankem DDS and his obvious conflict of interest.

Yankem spent a lot of times in his matches punching opponents in the jaw no doubt in hopes of making future patients out of his foes. Eventually, his tactics burned him and he was never seen again.

Repo Man

WWE Repo Man

Absolutely no one likes repo men so it was no surprise this hard working professional wasn’t a smashing success with the WWF fanbase. Rather than turning his back on the country, Repo Man decided he’d maximize his stealthy skills to the utmost and began making off with valuable items of his fellow superstars. Eventually, Repo Man hit the blacktop and rode out of the WWE with rumors of enjoying semi-retirement on the golf course.

Henry O. Godwin

Pig farming is messy, smelly and filthy. Battling WWE superstars by comparison is easy work. And when superstars decide to get a little too uppity, this pig farmer had no problem humiliating them.


As Pennywise can tell you, keeping kids entertained can bring out your worst side. But give Doink props for overcoming his earlier evil impulses. Soon he became the kind of clown who constantly put smiles on children’s faces. And he wasn’t afraid to expand his franchise by hiring on Doink II and Dink.



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