Celebrating 10 of the WWE’s hardest working professionals on Labor Day

Irwin R Schyster

WWE IRS Mattel Elite figure review -with accessories

The WWE is full of tax cheats and it’s enough to make a noble and honorable tax man go crazy. Poor Irwin just wanted to help prevent WWE stars from getting audited, but the fans just didn’t appreciate him. Eventually, IRS decided he was going to cash out on his opponents, which paid off with three WWE tag team title reigns.

Big Boss Man

wwe big boss man

Getting folks to respect authority is a tough gig. Sometimes you’ve even gotta carry your ball and chain, nightstick and handcuffs to ringside. For Big Boss Man, maintaining law and order was quite the challenge in facing The Mega Powers, Dusty Rhodes and The Heenan Family. At least Akeem knew where all the dopest parties were happening.

The Undertaker

Paul Bearer with The Undertaker

Prepping dead bodies is enough to make anyone’s skin pale and lose their smile. The Undertaker decided he could easily transfer his 9 to 5 skills to the WWF where he buried opponents for a decade of destruction.

Undertaker even managed to create signature matches based on his gig with casket matches showcasing his carpentry (and back breaking) talents and Buried Alive encounters.

Photo Credit: WWE.com

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