Extreme-Sets The Building 2 Pop-Up Diorama review

My diorama building is still a work in progress, which is why I’m thrilled Extreme-Sets is consistently cranking out so many amazing pop-up sets.

Packaging:  The sets come in long cardboard boxes. I’ve had a few instances where some of the edges were a bit smushed in transit. Considering the exorbitant shipping costs, I’d expect a bit more protection for the product.

What You Get:  This set comes not surprisingly with four walls, a water tower and a rooftop.

Extreme-Sets Building 2 Pop-Up review front side

Assembly:  The easy part is the building itself. All the pieces connect without any problem. The awning of Joe’s Pizzeria was a really nice touch. But the rooftop? A completely different story. The deal with the rooftop is it seems fairly intuitive. If you’re familiar with Transformers, it follows a similar layout, but it’s far more complicated. Even after watching the tutorial video, I was still not having much luck.

Extreme-Sets Building 2 Pop-Up review rear wall

The video makes connecting the rooftop walls and flooring a very simple process by folding various tabs together. It never really went that smoothly for me and I ended up using a ton of tape to flatten the roof walls in. Once assembled, I was mostly pleased with it, but I’d love if Extreme-Sets made the rooftop system as simple as the walls.

Extreme-Sets Building 2 Pop-Up review rooftop - Kid Nova, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man

How Does it Look?  After the assembly headache, I could sit back and appreciate it. The depth on the front with the pizzeria entrance is further enhanced with the awning and the sides sport a nice amount of wear and tear. The graffiti stands out against the aged brick and I love the rear setup, which would work nicely with truck/warehouse backdrops. The thick cardboard takes the printings well and really looks great to provide some character for figure photography.

Extreme-Sets Building 2 Pop-Up review DC Icons Batman on rooftop fighting thugs

Even with the tape, I couldn’t completely get the roof walls flush. They don’t look too bad and add another layer of options for street level characters like Batman or Daredevil.

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Scale:  I love the functionality of this set. It works great on every level for six-inch figures like Marvel Legends and DC Multiverse, but the left and right sides are scaled in a way to work for 12-inch figures like Hot Toys. That was a very nice bonus and tremendously adds to the options for Building 2.

Extreme-Sets Building 2 Pop-Up review left side wall Hot Toys Captain America and Batman face off

The set isn’t too cumbersome either and can be moved with ease. If you’re working with a limited shooting space, Building 2 isn’t top heavy and the weight is evenly distributed. That’s helpful as it doesn’t topple over once you start putting figures on the roof.


Worth it?  Here’s the deal with Extreme Sets products. The set itself seems like a solid value, especially when one of their frequent coupon codes are applied. The biggest issue price wise is the shipping. Shipping on this set will run about $21. That’s a lot and is always the killer when deciding on grabbing a new set. For $50, the price isn’t terrible, but $60 gives some reason to consider it.

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Rating: 9 out of 10

Building 2 is another solid Extreme-Sets diorama. The added ability to shot Hot Toys figures with this set makes it much more useful for me and the rooftop setup gives it an added level of usefulness. Once you get past the frustration of assembling it.

Extreme-Sets Building 2 Pop-Up review right side wall Hot Toys Batman

Where to get it?  The easiest option is to get this is from Extreme-Sets.com or Big Bad Toy Store.

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