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I’ve waited forever to do this, but after some encouragement from some pals, I finally decided it was time for a Lyles Movie Files Podcast. My goal is to just go more in depth with some of the content I’m writing about over conversations with my boys — Lonnie ‘The Chief,’ Melvin ‘Gunner’ and Jayce. Eventually, I hope to expand this aspect of the LMF empire further so pardon the mess while I build this bad boy up. Enjoy the shows.


Episode 15 – Lupita on Black Panther, Solo trailer, Video Game Movies

Moving on to Episode 15 of Lyles Movie Files. I finally got to use a brief clip of my Queen of Katwe interview with Lupita Nyong’o as she prepared to take on the role of Nakia in the highly anticipated Black Panther. Find out what she was most looking forward to in this brief segment.

Also, we break down the Solo trailers and see if it finally won us over. Finally, we explore video game movies. Which ones have been good, which series deserve video game movies and why Hollywood struggles to get that right.

And get some news on how to win passes for Black Panther, Game Night and Annihilation!

Download the new episode here.

Episode 14 – Who Seriously Thinks Black Lightning is Anti-White?


We try to make sense of the nonsensical as we discuss the clueless sentiment that Black Lightning is somehow anti-white simply for its positive portrayal of black lives. Also, we’re rolling on the Black Panther hype train talking about the world premiere and why this movie is so significant.

We break down what’s gone wrong lately with Supergirl and The Flash and why Arrow has successfully managed to get on the right track since the mid-season break. All this and I try and convince the guys to give Celebrity Big Brother a shot and fail miserably.

Episode 13 – WWE Royal Rumble 2018 preview


For Ep. 13, I’m joined by my longtime friend Kevin Montague as we preview WWE Royal Rumble 2018. Who do we want to see emerge from the men’s and historic first time women’s Royal Rumble? And who do we really expect to stand tall and point at the big Wrestlemania sign by the time the event is done?

Also, we take a look at RAW 25 and why it failed to meet viewer’s expectations. How could WWE have made it more memorable and why did they choose to play it safe? Our thoughts on that and which old school star impressed us enough to think they should be back in the WWE today.


Episode 12: Who Cares About Oscar Nominations and Great & Awful Sequels

The 2018 Oscars nominations were revealed this week. Prepare to be shocked by how many of the contenders the guys have seen…or even want to see despite their high acclaim. Chief shares why he could care less about the Oscars or the BET Awards.

We break down the CW’s wacky week from Supergirl’s Y Chromosome problems, The Flash hanging with Goldberg while Killer Frost and Cisco suddenly became inept heroes, a spark of hope with Arrow’s return and why Black Lightning may already be the CW’s best superhero show.

Then the gang breaks down sequels that tarnished the good name of the original and those that made us appreciate the original even more. It’s a packed show. Grab your headphones and get ready for another crazy ride!

Episode 11: Black Lightning Reaction and 2017 Superlatives

The CW shows are back for 2018. We break down the return of The Flash, the disappointing arrival of the Legion of Super-Heroes on Supergirl and see if we were shocked over how much we liked Black Lightning.

We also share our 2017 superlatives, why some dude needed to make an all-male version of The Last Jedi and our can’t miss picks for the winners of the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Had a blast putting this one together and hope you dig it too.


Episode 10: Scott Snyder dishes on Batman and The Signal

Legendary Batman writer Scott Snyder drops by to talk about Batman and The Signal and why Duke Thomas is the hero Gotham needs right now. Hear what the mastermind behind All-Star Batman, Court of Owls and Dark Nights Metal envisions for one of the more popular new characters in the DC Universe and what readers can do to ensure The Signal continues to light the way beyond 2018.

Also, JKing joins Jayce and me to discuss the big news in Hollywood from Jodie Foster’s comic book movie diss, Marvel’s minority problem on the comics and movie front, new casting announcements, our three most and least anticipated films for 2018 not including Avengers and Black Panther and we provide Hollywood with some New Year’s Resolutions. Time to ring in 2018 and check out the brand new Lyles Movie Files theme song.

As always, get the daily news and buzz as well as the latest movie reviews on Insidious: The Last Key and Molly’s Game at

Episode 9: Why The Last Jedi Failed and Top 5 Films of 2017

The gang is back to break down our thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Where did we think it really worked and what scenes left Chief calling it garbage?

In advance to my Top 15 Films of 2017, Chief, Gunner and Jayce offer their Top 5 films of the year. Which surprising film missed the cut and what one film did everyone agree on?

And what are we thinking about the rumors of Ben Affleck potentially returning to the role of Batman? Check out all the discussion on Episode 9 of Lyles Movie Files.


Episode 8: The Disney/Fox deal is a reality!

For this episode, Chief and I discuss the major impact of Disney acquiring the Fox movie characters for the Marvel Cinematic Universe; question why Warner Bros. can’t find success with DC films and a wrap up of the first half The Walking Dead’s eighth season.

Episode 7: Crisis on Earth-X review

For Episode 7, the whole Lyles Movie Files podcast crew is here to share our excitement about the Avengers: Infinity War trailer and complain about Blonde Widow.

Then we discuss the massive four episode Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Earth-X.

Chief is up in his feelings about the questionable animal deaths in The Walking Dead as he ponders how the slow moving walkers could possibly catch a dear. It’s a big show and don’t forget to check out daily for screenings and Blu-Ray giveaways.

Episode 6: Ranting about Justice League and The Punisher

Just in time for a long ride for Thanksgiving dinner or to wait in line for Black Friday.

We’re as ticked off as Superman when he gets rudely woken up with the feedback and critical response to Justice League. Gunner and Jayce join me to discuss two of the would-be major events for November. And what do we think about James Franco in talks to be The Multiple Man? Find out on another fun-filled and heated episode of Lyles Movie Files.


Episode 5: So excited about Disney/Fox talks!

On Episode 5 of Lyles Movie Files, we talk about all the possibilities of Disney buying out Fox, the latest scandal with Kevin Spacey and our thoughts on if Thor: Ragnarok’s success is going to hurt Justice League’s box office chances.

Episode 4: A return to Supergirl? Walking Dead wish list

We’re incredibly hyped after seeing the new Black Panther trailer and we break down the return of Arrow, what we want to see from The Walking Dead’s new season and why it might be time to fly back into Supergirl. All this and we try and break down the biggest question of the week: What’s up with Kid Flash’s hair??

Episode 3: Chadwick Boseman & Reginald Hudlin on Marshall

In Episode 3, we break down It and Happy Death Day in theaters and the return of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Then Chadwick Boseman and Reginald Hudlin talk about their new film Marshall, which looks at an important case for Thurgood Marshall. Check out the episode and catch in on all the daily updates on

Episode 2: Fast and Furious drama, Julian Lytle talks Inktober project

Chief and Jayce join Lyles Movie Files to discuss all the Fast & Furious 9 drama, a general feeling of meh over Inhumans, any excitement over a Gambit movie and hopes for the next Justice League trailer. Also, artist extraordinaire Julian Lytle is here to talk about his Inktober project and his booth at New York Comic Con 2017.

Episode 1: You’re now listening to Lyles Movie Files


Lyles Movie Files finally gets a podcast. Chief, Gunner and Jayce join Jeffrey Lyles to break down the Game of Thrones season finale and determine which Lannister sibling made the worst call, the point of a fire breathing ice dragon and what’s in store for Season 8.

Then, we break down DC and Warner Brothers’ vision for Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn and why we still need a better film take on Mr. Freeze.

And then we wrap up with why none of us might be checking out Fear the Walking Dead and Supergirl’s upcoming seasons.

Pardon the mess, this show is still a work in progress, but see this bad boy get built up from the ground floor.


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