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Film Flashback: Men In Black II (2002)

men in black 2 Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have returned to reprise their roles as Agents K and J, members of Men In Black –  the uber-secret government agency that monitors the activities of extra-terrestrials. That’s the good news.

And the bad? That the filmmakers forgot what else made the original the highest grossing film in 1997. [2012 Flash Forward: By 2002 and the arrival of “Spider-Man,” audiences were set to embrace a new genre full force. Kind of ironic that just as Spidey trampled the momentum “Men In Black II,” the third installment has to compete with another juggernaut comic-book film in “Marvel’s The Avengers” and the fourth Spidey flick, “The Amazing Spider-Man.] Continue reading Film Flashback: Men In Black II (2002)