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Star Wars: Lando #3 review

I was stunned Lando Calrissian was getting his own Marvel Comics mini-series. He’s typically in the 6-8th position in terms of favorite Star Wars heroes and it seemed a bold move to make him the main draw of a comic, but three issues in now, I’m hoping Marvel just makes this an ongoing title. Continue reading Star Wars: Lando #3 review

Star Wars Steelbook collection – you know you want them

You didn’t think a new Star Wars movie wouldn’t lead to a new look of the classic films, did you? Not so fast. Disney is releasing steelbook packaging of the original trilogy and prequel trilogy and with a couple of exceptions, they look like perfect impulse purchases for Star Wars fans. Continue reading Star Wars Steelbook collection – you know you want them

Hot Toys reveals 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon – hide your wallets

You know, I never considering taking up bounty hunting as a side job, but I may just need to…

Hot Toys Millennium Falcon2Hot Toys isn’t done making fans salivate following San Diego Comic Con. As part of The Ani-Con and Games Hong Kong 2015, the company revealed the Quicksilver from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ the rumored canceled Drax from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and of course the main conversation piece — a 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon.

I don’t know how, but this really needs to be mine. Continue reading Hot Toys reveals 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon – hide your wallets

Princess Leia gets Hot Toys figure treatment

Hot Toys has certainly not hidden its Star Wars agenda with its 12″ line. The styles and characters from ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ have been the priority as we’re nearing the end of the principal characters from the film that started it all. I’m still hoping Moff Tarkin is included before Hot Toys moves on to ‘Empire Strikes Back‘ see also the greatest movie ever made ;-)

We’ve gotten Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader so now it’s time for a regal entry into the line with Princess Leia. Continue reading Princess Leia gets Hot Toys figure treatment

Is Hot Toys teasing collectors with a 12″ scale Millennium Falcon?

They almost kinda need to otherwise I may have to start going the selling blood route in order to cover the payments for it. But … it’s so… pretty.

Recently Hot Toys has showcased an impressive 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon cockpit at San Diego Comic-Con which has already fascinated many Star Wars fans! But we are not stopping there yet, as a complete and highly detail 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon measuring close to 18 feet (5.5 meters) long by 12 feet (3.7 meters) wide will actually be making an appearance at ACGHK! Its sheer astonishing presence will surely captured any fans’ attention!
Hot Toys Millennium Falcon
If you want to see this spectacular exhibit in person, then you have to come to Hot Toys’ booth (E15-16) at ACGHK in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre this week!

Star Wars Han Solo Pop! Vinyl Figure exclusive

Star Wars Han Solo Vinyl Bobble HeadGet your hands on the galaxy’s biggest scoundrel before it’s too late! That scoundrel pilot of the Millennium Falcon has escaped from the Funko vault! Standing 3 3/4-inches tall, the Star Wars Han Solo Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head makes a great gift for child and adult collectors alike! Bringing the likeness of actor Harrison Ford to the world of stylized vinyl figures, this Han Pop! figure comes in a displayable window box so it’ll look great sitting next to the rest of your Star Wars collection! Ages 5 and up.

Funko is releasing a previously discontinued (“vaulted”) Pop! Vinyl each month this year, as part of its special countdown for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens.’

Each is produced in a limited number and in a special box with a black background! Funko has been selling out of these vaulted Star Wars Pops in less than a day, each time one is announced.

Order here: Order Star Wars Han Solo Pop! Vinyl Figure Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!