Liked "Marvel's The Avengers?" Like free stuff?

Then I’ve got a doozy for you.

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, one of my favorite spring events. Not just for the free stuff, which is always awesome, but because it’s a great time to check out some new comics that you might not otherwise have considered. Most stores have some great deals on everything from comics, T-shirts, graphic novels, action figures, statues and more.

If you live in the Maryland area, check out some of my favorite stores:

Third Eye Comics – Steve and the gang celebrate the grand opening of their new shop with even more space for all of your favorite things. If you ever want to meet someone who truly loves what they’re doing it’s Steve so if you’re in the Annapolis area, swing on by and check out his new spot.

Capital Comics – Another Annapolis store, but this one’s on Main Street so after visiting with Billy and company and browsing their selection of comics, figures, etc., enjoy Saturday’s nice weather taking in Main Street’s stores. Billy’s a cool guy to talk to and if he doesn’t have something in stock, he’ll order it for you.

Alliance Comics – This Silver Spring store has two levels (!) and Gerry & Amy are always great to talk comics with. So if you catch “Marvel’s The Avengers” at the Majestic, you can easily walk on down and pick up some trades and comics featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.