Marvel’s The Avengers = Hulk-sized box office bucks

According to a few reports, Marvel’s The Avengers had the second biggest Friday opening of all time with $80.5 million (second only to the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, which earned $91.5 million).

Add on the overwhelmingly positive word-of-mouth and Avengers, based on the popular Marvel Comics characters, seems like it has a decent chance to surpass Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’s all-time top grossing $169.2 million weekend opening.

I’m posting this, not just because I’m a huge fan of the movie, but because I like to see quality work do well at the box office. Marvel Studios took a huge gamble banking that audiences would flock to theaters to see B-list heroes (at least to the general public) Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in standalone movies building to an Avengers movie, but it’s clearly paid off big time. Kudos to everyone involved in this one.

Marvel Studios smartly locked up all their talent for multiple films clearly banking that this brand would be a hit and director Joss Whedon has already discussed some ideas for the sequel. Hopefully, Marvel Studios is backing the dump trucks full of money in his front yard as I’m typing.

The biggest question I have with this news is what time is the Warner Bros. Pictures meeting on Monday to discuss how they can make DC Comics’ Justice League into this kind of massive movie franchise…

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures