Hot Toys "Marvel's The Avengers" Iron Man collectible figure first look

Marvel’s The Avengers” has easily become one of my favorite movies so it only makes sense that they’d have some of the best collectible 12″ figures we’ve seen so far.

I already showed you a look at Hot Toy’s Loki figure, but here’s a look at arguably the most popular Avenger – Iron Man, in his Mark VII armor. For the non-Avenger die-hards out there, the Mark VI armor is the look with the triangle center that Tony Stark created in “Iron Man 2.” The Mark VII simply enough reverts to the circle centerpiece. Enough of that, here’s Hot Toys’ preview of the Iron Man Mark VII armor.

And here’s the Hot Toys writeup on it from their Facebook page:

The most sought-after character from The Avengers movie and the most complex collectible of our Iron Man series that combines aesthetics and technology –

Here comes the sneak peek of the Mark VII collectible figure that many fans are expecting! The Hot Toys Mark VII collectible is developed according to the 3D data from Marvel with form based on the maquette of Legacy Effects.

The prototype that we are showing is just the first step of our production process in the past few months. Please enjoy! More updates are coming! Avengers & Iron Man fans, stay tuned!

By the time Hot Toys wraps this line, their Avengers collectibles will be one of the gems in a collector’s display and I haven’t even gotten to Thor, Captain America or the Hulk!