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No Joe? G.I. Joe sequel pushed back to March 2013

In one of the crazier moves I’ve heard lately, “G.I. Joe Retaliation” is  being delayed from its June 29 release to March 29, 2013.Yep. Next year.

Thankfully it’s for a sensible reason — to add in 3D.  YAWN.This must be some feel the explosions and the wind as Storm Shadow’s sword swings by you 3D.

I was actually excited about seeing this as it seemed like more of an actual G.I. Joe movie than the pathetic “Starship Troopers” we had to endure the first go-round.

Paramount Pictures has been effectively building hype for this as early as the Super Bowl and at the last minute they decide to wait to tack on some (likely to be) lousy 3D? Sigh.

I’m really looking forward to the end of this new found 3D fascination. The extra ticket prices for 3D won’t mean that much when you’re bailing on a prime summer movie season…

It’s good to see that raking in a few more dollars is that important. And now I know…