Hot Toys' "The Amazing Spider-Man" collectible figure teaser

Hot Toys is all about the awesome 12″ collectible figure market and there is no close competitor for my money. In addition to their amazing work on “Marvel’s The Avengers,”  (here’s their Thor, Captain America and Loki) they also do some equally astonishing production on other movie properties and with so many high-profile summer blockbusters, Hot Toys has their hands full with a number of big time projects.

Here’s a first look at their other big property from Marvel Comics’ – The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m not that into this movie costume as I was the Sam Rami design, but it’s red and blue so it has the basic costume elements down and after years of black leather costumes for superheroes, anything that comes close is fine with me.

Here’s the official write-up from Hot Toys:

The Amazing Spider-Man will be swinging into theatres in 3D next month! This will mark a new chapter of Spider-Man in his long-established legacy!

Celebrating the launch of this summer blockbuster, we are proud to present this Amazing Spider-Man collectible figurine with finely made and newly developed costume, as well as the Peter Parker’s head sculpt!

Fans may already know that we have solid experience in developing the detailed costume for Spider-Man and we apply a similar technique to this new costume which will have the most movie-accurate cutting that fans have been expecting for long! More amazing photos will be unveiled soon! Stay tuned!

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