Enterbay Men In Black 3 – Agent J and Agent K

Hot Toys isn’t the only player in the 12″ movie collectible figure market. Enterbay is the other big name in movie excellence. Hot Toys’ sculptors are just a bit better in capturing that lifelike look in their figures, but Enterbay is getting there with their Real Masterpiece line.

Today they released images of their latest film property – Men In Black 3 – specifically Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith).

The likeness of Jones is a bit soft, especially with the sunglasses on where the figure looks more like Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith from “The Matrix. With the glasses off, the figure looks much more like Jones, but this is one of those cases where the more iconic look with the shades is how most people would prefer to display them.

Agent J’s figure is much closer to Will Smith and Enterbay made sure that Agent J is scaled correctly and is actually taller than Agent K, much like the 6’2″ Smith is taller than the 6′ Jones. As a stickler for details like that, it’s much appreciated that Enterbay accounted for scale.

Here’s the official write-up:

Agent J
· Museum-like representation of Agent J with authentic likeness

· Individually hand-painted head sculpt with a serious facial expression; details wrinkles and expression with newly developed “multi layer” paint application

· Newly developed RM-6 body with 40 points of articulation; PVC soft plastic skin to cover the chest area, so that the articulations around the chest area will not be visible. The shape on the arms also looks better.

· Movie-accurate costume designed by the famous Korean figurine tailor ADDBLUE includes: a black suit (jacket, trousers and white shirt), a black belt with buckle; a tie, a pair of socks and a pair of black faux-leather

· Four pairs of interchangeable hands

· Movie-related accessories: sunglasses, time jump device, the neutralizer, and the alien orb

Agent K has all the same save the last bit, so instead he has:

Movie-related chrome mad accessories: a Shark Gun, a 2012 Standard Issue, a shotgun and a Noisy Cricket

And just for fun, Agent J comes with one of his former partners, Agent F, the pug from “Men In Black 2.” While most of us would just as soon forget “MIB2,” this is a cool little addition.

If you’re interested in snagging these, you can pre-order them from Big Bad Toy Store in time for the holidays.