Box office roundup

Marvel’s The Avengers becomes third film to reach $600 million

Marvel’s The Avengers becomes third film to reach $600 million.

I love it when something actually lives up to the hype whether an amazing comic book story, an epically built wrestling match and especially a movie. From the second I heard about the post-Iron Man credits with Nick Fury discussing the Avengers initiative, I was geeked at the mention let alone the actual possibility of an Avengers movie.

Fast-forward four years and not only did Marvel’s The Avengers exceed all kinds of expectations from comic book die-hards (guilty), movie critics and the general summer movie audience ready for a blockbuster the likes we haven’t seen since “The Dark Knight,” but you may have heard it went on to make a whole heckuva lot of money.

On their march to the peak of the all-time box office charts, The Avengers knocked out Darth Vader, Harry Potter, E.T., Shrek, Jack Sparrow, Buzz & Woody, Katniss and the dark knight himself, Batman.

The only foe that proved stronger than Loki was James Cameron’s money-makers Avatar and Titanic. But when your film grosses more than $600 million in the U.S. and $1.44 billion worldwide, there’s not a whole lot to feel bad about, especially when one considers this was the first Avengers movie and the inevitable sequel could potentially be even better.

The very well-received 2005 Batman Begins is #113 on the all-time highest grossing list with $205.3 million. Its 2008 sequel, The Dark Knight did slightly better grossing $533 million and only trailed Titanic as the all-time highest grossing film before Avatar and Marvel’s The Avengers passed it.

So in honor of my favorite movie of the year [yes, I’m comfortable calling it for 2012], here’s the review of Marvel’s The Avengers once again.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures