Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 cosplay gallery

I have yet to make it out to the San Diego Comic Con — the mecca of these gatherings of all things nerd culture — but I have been making a regular stop at its spiritual cousin, the Baltimore Comic Con.

This year’s event was held Sept. 8 and 9, an interesting weekend since it meant competing with the NFL kickoff.

And as much as I love getting great deals on trade paperbacks and action figures and laughing at the direct to DVD movies on hand, I wasn’t going to miss Sunday kickoff. Especially since my 49ers beat the Packers (!)

baltimore comic con 2012 steve-and-trish-from-third-eye-comics

Anyhow, the BCC is not a chump event and continues to get some of the biggest names in comics’ past, present and future under the roof of the Baltimore Convention Center.

Luminaries included Stan Lee, Garth Ennis, Frank Quitely, Sean Chen, Jamal Igle, Brian Bolland and Frank Cho. And it’s a good place to meet all the comic vendors in your area, or like in my case catching up with my pals at Third Eye Comics – Steve and Trish.

My favorite part of the BCC though is being amazed at the creativity of cosplayers – those who make costumes of their favorite characters and show them off at cons like BCC. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, it’s basically an excuse to dress up beyond Halloween. Here’s some of the best costumes I saw on Saturday. Which one is your favorite?