New on Blu-Ray/DVD for Oct. 9, 2012

Prometheus – Of all the summer movies, “Prometheus” easily had the best trailer. You couldn’t figure out what the heck was happening, but darn it if that haunting music with that alarm-like clanging and quick-cut images raised my interest in the movie to kinda intrigued to CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE PROMETHEUS!!!!.

A prequel of sorts to “Alien” where explorers are seeking mankind’s origin seemed like a can’t miss prospect and lock for one of the summer’s best.

Sadly for me, the trailer was way more exciting than the movie itself. I find it kinda telling that in numerous ads and articles on the Blu-Ray release, Ridley Scott is quoted as saying questions will be answered. That’s the worst marketing campaign for a home release I’ve seen all year. It’s practically admitting the movie made no sense, but buy it and we’ll try to fix the plot holes and inconsistencies with some director’s commentary and special features. No thanks. Once was way more than enough for me.


Photo by David James/Warner Bros. Pictures
MALIN AKERMAN as Constance Sack and TOM CRUISE as Stacee Jaxx.

Rock of Ages – This trailer did absolutely nothing for me and the film did even less. Tom Cruise is great as an aging rock icon, but he gets very little help in making this 80s throwback a fun trip down nostalgia lane. And after you see it once, you definitely won’t want to sit through an encore.

Larry Horricks/Amontillado Productions
John Cusack stars as Edgar Allan Poe in the gothic thriller “The Raven.”

The Raven – I couldn’t buy into John Cusack in this thriller about a maniac being inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s writings to commit his crimes. Not that I doubt Cusack, who was a great hit-man in “Grosse Pointe Blank,” but the whole premise just sounded silly.