Buying off the comic book rack – Oct. 17, 2012

Third Eye Comics’ Steve gives his take on what’s coming out today:


This is the springboard for many of the MARVEL NOW titles that haven’t quite gotten the spotlight.

Personally: I am so pumped for stuff like NOVA, and the new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, as well as Kid Loki getting a starring role in the upcoming YOUNG AVENGERS series. I’m also pretty stoked to see what looks like the inclusion of fan-favorite Avengers movie character, Agent Coulson, into the Secret Avengers line-up.

The Marvel NOW Point One one-shot showcases 6 big stories in a special oversized issue, featuring the all-star creative teams involved with each character.


The DEATH OF THE FAMILY arc kicked off in a HUGE way last week with BATMAN #13 & BATGIRL #13, and folks, we have gotta tell you: this is the biggest thing we’ve seen out of the BATMAN books in a very long time.

How can you not wanna absorb every single bit of this awesomeness? I mean, when you end last week’s BATMAN with the Joker attacking Alfred with a freakin’ hammer.. you know this one is going to be the real deal.

As this issue begins to dig deep into the origins and motivations of what makes Selina Kyle the thief that she is, we’re taken on a sharp detour into madness as the one and only Clown Prince of Crime sets his sights on another member of the Bat-Family: Catwoman.


HAWKEYE is shaping up to be one of our favorite new MARVEL series of the year, and with it’s cutting-edge approach to the character, and his world, it fits in nicely amongst the MARVEL NOW titles.

Featuring the creative team of MATT FRACTION and DAVID AJA, who worked sheer comic magic years ago with IMMORTAL IRON FIST, this book reads and looks great. Aja brings a very Mazzuchelli kind of influence to it, which really reminds you of BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Fraction’s everyman approach to Clint Barton, casting him as a modern day Robin Hood kinda soldier in a class war kinda world, is compelling and intriguing.

This series delves deep into the criminal underworlds of the Marvel Universe, and takes Hawkeye into a very avant-garde kind of direction, as he serves up some seriously lethal justice to those who would victimize those weaker than them.


The upcoming TRINITY WAR storyline is going to be a huge part of the NEW 52, and JUSTICE LEAGUE, and Geoff Johns is kicking things into high gear with this week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #13.

This week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 brings the debut of Cheetah, an iconic DCU villain who is destined to be one of the NEW 52’s biggest threats. Who is she? What’s her connection to Wonder Woman? And how will this fundamentally change the relationships within the team?

Plus: Geoff Johns and Gary Frank continue to build the world of Shazam in the epic back-up that’s been running in the back of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Another stunning issue of what’s been called one of the best looking superhero books on the stands.


As a child of the ’80s and ’90s, I am totally hooked on a lot of the recent revivals we’ve seen of classic ’80s licenses, like TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TRANSFORMERS, and of course: HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!


This series is a fantastic read, which brings the cutting edge approach and appeal of modern comics to the classic fantasy sci-fi world of Eternia.


This week’s issue #3, shows Teela and He-Man coming head to head with the most monstrous incarnation of Mer-Man we’ve ever seen, as a horrors of the deep almost Lovecraftian spin is put on the classic underwater He-Man bad guy.


CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 — The series continues to impress

Captain Marvel has really been a sleeper hit, and the momentum for this incredible new Marvel ongoing continues to build.

Kelly Sue DeConnick does a fantastic job of bringing the world of Danvers to life, and the addition of Emma Rios to the book makes it even more awesome, as we can’t get enough of Rios’s stunning art.

This issue is a fun read, as Carol Danvers finds herself toe-to-toe with some of the best pilots in American history… but all goes awry when she finds herself being accused of a major theft.


Bigger-than-life superhero action, the new CAPTAIN MARVEL series is a freakin’ blast, and we highly recommend it. If you’re digging stuff like Mark Waid’s DAREDEVIL, then you’ll really dig this.



The RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY has really been turning into one of the best GL stories since BLACKEST NIGHT, and folks, it just goes to show ya: when GREEN LANTERN is good, it’s GREAT.


The mythology that Geoff Johns has built for the Green Lantern titles over the last half a decade has been downright incredible, and with the RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY, we’re getting the same kind of feelings we got from SINESTRO CORPS WAR and BLACKEST NIGHT.


This week’s GL: NEW GUARDIANS continues the RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY arc as KYLE RAYNER arrives on Earth to some seriously bad news — and he’s going to take it on every Third Army member he sees.


Meanwhile, Carol Ferris makes her debut as the all-new Star Sapphire, and is looking to get to the bottom of Hal’s disappearance.