Buying off the comic book rack – Oct. 24, 2012

Steve from Third Eye Comics drops by for this week’s new releases. Here’s what you can grab tomorrow.

TALON #1 drops this Wednesday! A MUST-READ!

TALON’s #0 issue really impressed us last month, as it showed us the origins of this exciting new addition to the DC Universe courtesy of writer SCOTT SNYDER. Now we’re pretty pumped to see the direction that the series is heading in.

What’s it all about? After many years on the run, Calvin Rose, returns to Gotham City to investigate the fallout from “NIGHT OF THE OWLS.”  The series is an exciting opportunity for Snyder to build on the plot points and mythology of the Court of Owls that he explored in the first 12 issues of BATMAN.

We really dug issue #1, and loved Guillem March’s stunning artwork on it, and Snyder, Tynion IV, and March are really a perfect team for this one. Just like Snyder and Capullo were able to bring a unique kind of feel to their BATMAN run, Snyder, Tynion and March are doing the same thing with Talon.

PUNISHER: WAR ZONE #1 — The Punisher’s Suicide Mission Begins = Punisher vs. The Avengers and more!

In the aftermath of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN, and at the dawn of the MARVEL NOW launch… the PUNISHER has finally lost it, and we can only think that this is what leads him being brought onto the new THUNDERBOLTS team launching with MARVEL NOW.

The Punisher has hunted the worst that the criminal underworld of the Marvel Universe could offer him. He’s been on a one-man crusade for years, and all along the way, he’s received no assistance from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, in wiping out the existence of the scum that’s plagued the cities of the Marvel U.

Now, something… and we don’t want to reveal what that something is, has made Frank Castle snap. He’s had it. He knows his time is running short, and that maybe the answer to ending the worst that the criminal underworld has to offer… is by eliminating the men and women who have such a hard time putting an end to it. Just trust us: The Punisher. Hunting the Avengers. For real. Not a WHAT IF. Not an imaginary tale. This is the real deal, and is a MUST-READ!



We’ve been singing the praises of DC’s NEW 52 Flash run for quite some time now, but we’re going to keep on doing so, because folks, it’s really THAT great, and deserves to gain a bigger readership.

This week’s FLASH #13 is a great spot to jump no board the series, as it kicks off a brand new arc, featuring one of the coolest Flash bad guys of all-time: GORILLA GRODD!


And, that’s not all…. it also features Flash teaming up with our own favorites, the Rogues, as they have to defend CENTRAL CITY from an invasion by Grodd’s Gorilla Armies!  This is going to be ridiculous, over-the-top superhero fun, and we cannot wait to see how it all comes together!


BATMAN INC is one of our personal favorites. It’s crazy, ’cause with how good many of the other Bat-books being (with Snyder’s being our main favorite), it’s easy to overlook just how fantastic Morrison’s BATMAN stuff continues to be.


This is probably our favorite Morrison BATMAN stuff since Grant’s original BATMAN AND ROBIN run with artist FRANK QUITELY. The weirdness is there, the detective-oriented BATMAN nature is there, and Morrison is really driving home that DENNIS O’NEAL & NEAL ADAMS influence that has ran through much of his Batman work.


In this week’s issue #4, BATMAN AND TALIA AL GHUL continue their fight over the control of their son DAMIAN — who you might know as ROBIN currently. Meanwhile, two mysterious new figures who bear a very striking resemblance to Bruce and Damian descend upon Gotham City: who are WINGMAN and REDBIRD, and what is their relationship to the DARK KNIGHT?



RED LANTERNS #13 continues the totally killer RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY story arc that’s been keeping us hooked since it’s start in GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1.

As the THIRD ARMY attacks, a RED LANTERN will die, and we’re just dying ( no pun intended! ) to see who it is! What dark choice will Atrocitus be forced to make to ensure the survival of the Red Lantern Corps?

This entire storyline has been freakin’ fantastic, and we cannot wait to see how it continues with this week’s RED LANTERNS.

 And now for the clear-cut winner this week…

A-BABIES VS. X-BABIES #1 — How can you say no to this? :)

Totally ridiculous, and totally awesome, this A-BABIES vs. X-BABIES one-shot looks like it’s going to be a real blast.


We’ll let the preview below do the talking, but, c’mon: you know you want to read this. It’s too crazy not to!