More "Cloud Atlas" pictures – shocking looks from some of your favorite actors

One of the gimmicks in “Cloud Atlas” is that the cast plays several roles throughout the film. Some are easily recognizable, but others will have you doing a double-take after you realize an actor’s playing a character you’d never typically associate with them such as the romantic comedy regular Hugh Grant playing a bloodthirsty warrior chief.

Jay Maidment/Warner Bros. Pictures
HUGH GRANT as Kona Chief.

Others are just a matter of changing a character’s gender, like Hugo Weaving playing a nurse.

Reiner Bajo/Warner Bros. Pictures
JIM BROADBENT as Timothy Cavendish and HUGO WEAVING as Nurse Noakes in the epic drama “CLOUD ATLAS,” distributed domestically by Warner Bros. Pictures and in select international territories.

Recognize Halle Berry?

Reiner Bajo/Warner Bros. Pictures
HALLE BERRY as Jocasta Ayrs.

Then some are just a matter of creative hairpieces, or lack thereof, to give a totally different look like Tom Hanks here.

Reiner Bajo/Warner Bros. Pictures
TOM HANKS as hotel manager.

“Cloud Atlas” comes to theaters this Friday and marks the return to film-making for the Wacowski siblings (“The Matrix”). I’ll have my review up at midnight Friday.