Hot Toys reveals Ada Wong figure – Resident Evil 4

Ada Wong’s closest approximation to another franchise is Boba Fett. Like the famed bounty hunter, she’s a mercenary who tends to be in the background until the ideal moment. She does something awesome, then fades back out of sight. And fans can never get enough of her either.

Ada made her debut in Capcom’s classic “Resident Evil 2” video game as Leon Kennedy’s mysterious ally with her own agenda. She’s since appeared in “Resident Evil 4,” arguably the series’ best installment and she’s also featured in one of the three subplots in “Resident Evil 6.” I fully plan on picking that up and will be able to give my take on it, but as far as that series goes, I tend to be a “bit” biased.

She took a lot longer to make it into the film adaptation of the game not making an appearance until August’s “Resident Evil: Retribution” where she was brought to life by Bingbing Li (“The Forbidden Kingdom“).

But now Ada has made the big time as she’s being made into a 12” collectible figure from Hot Toys. The figure looks to be from her “Resident Evil 4” appearance, which granted, isn’t that much different from her normal look — even the movie managed not to screw her look up — but it should definitely satisfy fans.

Ada uses a variety of weapons in the game and since her outfit isn’t that elaborate — not like the shirts, vests, hats and boots of the other characters like Leon or Chris Redfield, Hot Toys loaded Ada’s figure with tons of accessories including a shotgun, crossbow, grenade launcher, her trademark pistol and side holster.

Here’s Hot Toys’ official write-up:

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Ada Wong Collectible Figure from the Biohazard 4 HD video game series. The real-like collectible is fully poseable, specially crafted based on the image of Ada Wong in the video game, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume, weapons and accessories.

I’ll have the ordering information once it becomes available. And here it is.