Box office roundup – Oct. 28, 2012 – "Cloud Atlas" fails to rise to top spot

Warner Bros. Pictures
BEN AFFLECK as Tony Mendez and BRYAN CRANSTON as Jack O’Donnell in “ARGO,” a presentation of Warner Bros. Pictures in association with GK Films, to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

1. Argo – $12.4 million [3rd week; $47.8 million] Ben Affleck’s heavily-buzzzed Oscar movie had been runner-up twice the last two weeks, but the third week proved the right week as it reached the #1 spot. This will be a short-lived stint though with the arrival of family-bait film “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Sony Pictures

2. Hotel Transylvania – $9.5 million [5th week; $130.4 million] – This animated film won’t die. It debuted in September atop the box office and after falling as low as #5, it’s back to second place. Families probably liked the Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman theme so close to Halloween.

Warner Bros. Pictures
(L-r) DOONA BAE as Sonmi-451 and JIM STURGESS as Hae-Joo Chang in the epic drama “CLOUD ATLAS,” distributed domestically by Warner Bros. Pictures and in select international territories.

3. Cloud Atlas – $9.4 million [debut week] – Despite a star-studded cast, this mishmash failed to connect with audiences and struggled to overcome two holdovers. This marks another disappointment for the Wachowski siblings, whose last film – the 2008 underperformer “Speed Racer” equally failed to do much beyond making critics consider the Wachoskis one-hit wonders with “The Matrix.” Count the sequels if you must.

4. Paranormal Activity 4 – $8.7 million [2nd week; $42.6 million] All the audiences who wanted to check this got their share last weekend as the former box office champ dropped to fourth place.

5. Taken 2 – $8 million [4th week; $117.4 million] Liam Neeson’s action flick maintains its standing in the Top 5, but this should be the last weekend its in the mix with some strong competitors next week.