Sideshow Collectibles shows Storm Shadow statue

My entry into comic books was the amazing G.I. Joe comic written throughout the 155-issue run (save one issue) by Larry Hama. The comic debuted in 1982 and the legendary cartoon started a year later with the five-part mini-series “G.I. Joe – A Real American Hero.”

The next year’s mini-series, “The Revenge of Cobra,” introduced us 80s kids to many of the property’s most beloved characters from Flint, Roadblock,  Lady Jaye, Zartan, Firefly and the Cobra ninja, Storm Shadow. Twenty-eight years later, they’re still some of the line’s biggest names as all are featured in the next (or first if you have selective amnesia like me) G.I. Joe live-action movie: “G.I. Joe Retaliation.”

The cartoons were a lot of fun then (and now for the less jaded among us), but with freedom to create his own universe for the Joes, Hama was writing some of the best comics in the 80s as he treated the Joe vs. Cobra battles as actual life and death situations, with characters getting shot, stabbed and even killed — not the laser light displays seen in the cartoon — helping to make the comic feel grown up so it was a rare privilege at the time to enjoy something that didn’t treat me with kid gloves or talked down to me. Part of the reason why I loathe WWE so much these days, but that’s another story.

Growing up, this was the comic I hunted down to get the next issue at every 7-Eleven and Waldenbooks [sooooooo dating myself there] before stumbling onto a comic book store and my life would never be the same. A large part of that had to do with the complex characters who weren’t as black and white as say the “Superfriends” or “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” One of the best examples was Storm Shadow, who Hama wrote as the ultimate Cobra secret weapon and Cobra Commander’s bodyguard in exchange for learning who killed his uncle. Hama later had him revert from his evil ways and team with his sword-brother Snake-Eyes, but I prefer him in this incarnation as the only Cobra operative who can handle Snake-Eyes. This latest Sideshow Polystone Statue seems to have leaped from the comic book and gives me a major nostalgia rush.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly introduces the famed COBRA assassin, Storm Shadow. Armed with his signature arsenal of weapons, the Storm Shadow statue is crafted in 1:5 scale and features interchangeable head sculpts, for a customizable display. Each piece is individually hand painted and finished, with outstanding attention to detail, capturing every facet of the methodical and merciless COBRA killer.

The Storm Shadow Polystone Statue features:

  • Interchangeable Head Sculpts, with hood raised or lowered
  • Pack storing Bow and Arrows
  • Two Katana Swords
  • Stands Approximately 20 inches Tall
  • Sideshow Exclusive: Switch out hands for alternate display, armed with bow.

The coils of the COBRA organization spread across the globe gathering intelligence, committing acts of sabotage and carrying out assassinations to further their goal of world domination. One of those coils is the ninja known as Storm Shadow. Silent, methodical, merciless and unflinching, Storm Shadow serves COBRA as its primary assassin but, more importantly, as the personal bodyguard of the maniacal Cobra Commander.

Born Thomas Arashikage in the United States, he continued thirty generations of tradition and trained in Japan with the Arashikage Ninja Clan. Eventually joining the United States military, he served alongside and befriended the man who would become the enigma known as Snake-Eyes. Upon completing his tour of duty, Arashikage returned to Japan only to be framed for the murder of his uncle and leader of the Arashikage clan, the Hard Master. Learning that COBRA was responsible, he called himself Storm Shadow and joined the organization intent on discovering the identity of his uncle’s assassin. Upon realizing the intensity of Storm Shadow’s vengeance, Cobra Commander deceptively informed the ninja that he knew the identity of the Hard Master’s killer and persuaded Storm Shadow to become his personal bodyguard. Committing his unwavering loyalty to the Commander, Storm Shadow became Cobra Commander’s most trusted pawn. The Commander employs his ninja agent to instill fear in his enemies and, if need be, deliver their ultimate demise. Many lives have met their end at the hands of Storm Shadow, and it is said that the white light some see as they die is actually their final fleeting glimpse of Storm Shadow as he has carried out his mission.

Not too many bad guys with that cool a back story, right? For ordering information, click here.