Buying off the comic book rack – Nov. 14, 2012

Third Eye Comics‘ Steve Anderson selects his top picks once again and this looks like a good week and easily my favorite is the Deadpool is unimpressed variant covers spoofing the infamous McKayla Maroney shot from the Olympics. Doesn’t that seem like it was three years ago already? That’s why I never hate on the Olympians squeezing out every second of their four-year 15 minutes of fame. Anyway, here’s Steve:


ALL-NEW X-MEN arrives this Wednesday and we could not be more pumped.

Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen, bring a fresh new voice to the X-Titles, and we could not be more pumped. This looks phenomenal.

We’re shown the original team of X-Men arriving from the past. Cyclops. Iceman. The Beast. Jean Grey. Angel. All still teenagers, all still unprepared for what awaits them in the here and now.

When they arrive, behaving like they just stepped off the set of MAD MEN, the future is a very scary place.  How do they get from the past to the present? What’s the motivation of it, and who brings them here? That’s the surprise we want to save for you guys. Issue #1 of this was the best X-Book we’ve read since WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #1 (which is our current fave), and we highly, highly recommend picking this one up.


It’s pretty much accepted fact at this point that the SCOTT SNYDER & GREG CAPULLO run of BATMAN is going to go down in history as one of THE best runs on the character… ever. And, you know what? We agree with that, 100%.

So, to say we’re more than just a little excited about Snyder and Capullo tackling the most iconic Batman villain of all time: the Joker, is an understatement.

It all began with a bang last month in the pages of BATMAN #13, and from there, we’ve been on the edge of our seats just waiting to see where things picked up after that infamous last page featuring the Joker, with his dead skin mask strapped on, swinging a hammer at Alfred Pennyworth.

Now, in this week’s BATMAN #14: we’re going to see, and folks, I don’t think this one even requires a write-up: you know it’s the best damn superhero book out there, I know it’s the best damn superhero book out there, you guys are gonna be beating down the door for this one. :)


Folks, I gotta tell you: I am so jazzed on this new series from IMAGE, it’s ridiculous. This is the reason I love IMAGE Comics. This. Right here. These are the kind of high quality creator-owned books that defy genre, and defy classification that make me LOVE what Image does.

The artwork is GORGEOUS. We’re talking NONPLAYER-level of gorgeous here and the story is fresh, compelling and engrossing. I tore through the first issue uber-fast, and was pretty frustrated I’d have to wait months before I could physically hold the book in my hands!

What’s this little masterpiece in the making all about? Chas Worthington dreams of big things, solving bigger problems, and making his mark on the world. Only no one takes the twenty-one year old heir to one of the biggest oil fortunes in history very seriously. That is, until he turns his back on his cushy life of wealth and prestige, and seeks to solve an environmental disaster twice the size of his native Texas known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Folks, there’s a lot of really awesome-looking titles coming out of the MARVEL NOW relaunch, and there’s a ton I’m excited about, but the new Thor is definitely in my top 5. I’ve never been the biggest THOR fan (aside from the Straczynski run, and what Gillen’s done with Loki recently, and of course, Simonson), but, damn, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are set to blow some folks minds with this one.

Now, the Mighty Thor follows a trail of god blood that threatens to consume his past, present and future selves. The only hope for these ravaged worlds lies with the God of Thunder unraveling the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher.

Aaron, writer of WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, is on fire here, and the art… WOW.. Esad Ribic is incredible, and this book is definitely set to be one of the most visually stunning of the MARVEL NOW line-up.

Folks, do not sleep on this, even if you’re not a THOR fan, we guarantee you’re going to love this one.



We are so hooked on the DEATH OF THE FAMILY crossover, and the SUICIDE SQUAD #14 that’s dropping this Wednesday is one of the ones we’re looking forward to the most.

Why? ‘Cause it’s focusing on the crucial role that the Joker’s biggest follower, Harley Quinn, plays in the DEATH OF THE FAMILY storyline.

A funeral for a friend finds itself interrupted, as the Clown Prince of Crime returns from Harley’s past to bring her back to his side.

Another stunning installment of DEATH OF THE FAMILY, and rocking the killer die-cut overlay cover like BATMAN #13, CATWOMAN #13 and BATGIRL #13, do not sleep on this one!



  Folks, this is a grand slam. Mark Bagley of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN fame brings his A+ game, and brings a stunning, big, bold Marvel look to the book that’s both cutting edge and classic Marvel at the same time.

Matt Fraction amps up the sci-fi weirdness of the team, while playing up their place as the Marvel Universe’s Greatest Heroes, and does a killer job of making this a perfect Fantastic Four series for anyone new to the characters to jump on board with.

Great artwork, great storytelling, easy to get on board with. Folks, this is a must-read, do not sleep on it.


You’ve already heard us rave about how damn awesome the DEATH OF THE FAMILY arc running through the BAT-BOOKS is in the two previous DOTF write-ups, but we’ll say it again: THIS IS THE BEST JOKER STORY WE’VE READ IN YEARS!

And, with Joker and Barbara’s history — you know things are going to get real here.

After that fateful meeting in the now-classic KILLING JOKE, will Barbara fall victim once again to THE JOKER?

Need to get caught up on DEATH OF THE FAMILY? We’ve got all the installments in stock and available now.



Damn, that cover is gnarly, isn’t it? I love it. The fourth and final of the DEATH OF THE FAMILY tie-ins that’re dropping this week is actually a “rogue” tie-in, like last month’s RED HOOD, and it takes place in the pages of BATMAN AND ROBIN #14. This is a tie-in that hasn’t been advertised as one, but plays HEAVILY into the big story surrounding the Return of the Joker.. and judging by that cover? We can see why.


Plus: if you don’t already read BATMAN & ROBIN, this is a great opportunity to try out one of the BEST of the NEW 52 Bat-books (right behind the regular BATMAN title by Snyder & Capullo).