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Meeting WWE star Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho with WCW and WWF world title beltsDustin Smith had the good fortune of meeting Chris Jericho. Jericho has always struck me as being one of the smarter guys in wrestling and someone who enjoys it, but isn’t addicted to it. He’s on my short list of wrestlers I’d like to meet (in addition to Sting, Edge and Shawn Michaels) without worrying that they’d be such tools that I couldn’t look at them in the same way again.

Jericho’s biggest claim to wrestling immortality is that he’s the first guy to unify the WCW and WWE world titles by beating legends “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson on the same night. He’s also been responsible for some of the best WWE moments in the last 20 years including the last great wrestling feud with Michaels in 2008.

CHRIS JERICHO, CHERYL BURKEHe’s gone beyond wrestling and is the lead singer of rock band, Fozzy, and appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” and has become a successful author.  His 2008 biography, “A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex,” is an excellent read and is easily one of the Top 3 wrestling books.

Anyway, here’s Dustin on his encounter with Chris Jericho:

Chris Jericho I my favorite wrestler hands down. He was doing a CD signing for Fozzy at a local music store on the same day that Raw was in town and was on the active roster.

Jericho was a super awesome guys,very nice very fan friendly and seemed to really care what we had to say. Dustin and Chris Jericho

He ever trolled me because I said to him “I’ve got front row tickets for tonight’s show so I can see you wrestle and he said “ I don’t think I have a match here tonight kid sorry” and sure enough he faced Evan Bourne that night.

So jokes on me. I was truly starstruck when I meet Jericho, but he was the laid back cool guy that he is on TV.