First official trailer for Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson in "Peeples"

While it has the three words I’ve come to equate with terribly unfunny movies — “Tyler Perry Presents” — his latest production “Peeples” starring Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson actually looks like it could be … hilarious.

The film is written/directed by Tina Gordon Chism, who wrote the screenplays for the solid “ATL” and “Drumline” and making her directorial debut here. This is exactly the type of expansion Perry should be doing at this point in his career. Using his name to get up and coming talent their opportunity to create their own mark. Scandal's Kerry Washington Peeples teaser poster

Few quick thoughts:

I love seeing Craig Robinson headline his own film and not playing the sidekick or “the funny black guy” role here.

If the entire trailer was a shot of “schoolgirl” Kerry Washington it still would have been enough to convince a lot of guys to check it out.

I can’t believe I’m so old that David Allen Grier is playing the grey-haired father. Did “Boomerang” really come out in 1992?

“Peeples” is set for release May 10 – a terrible release date as that just marks a week after “Iron Man 3” arrives. The Marvel Studio films typically keep the top spot in the box office for at least three weeks — “Iron Man 2” — had a $128 million opening weekend and followed that with a $52 million second weekend.

And with “IM3” being the summer movie season’s first blockbuster, audiences are going to see that in droves, which could unfairly make “Peeples” look like a bomb going up against such a proven franchise. Perry’s “Madea” franchise saw its second highest edition with last year’s “Madea Goes to Jail,” which brought in $65.6 total. I’ll be very interested in what Lionsgate considers a success for “Peeples” otherwise it could prevent future Chism’s from getting their chance.