Chris Cooper to star as Norman Osborn in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but why we should wait to see The Green Goblin

Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2If you’re into comic book movies, right now it’s all about “Iron Man 3” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” as this week has been full of announcements, photos and other random tidbits of two major films.

Hot on the first glimpse of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, news has just been released that Chris Cooper has signed on to play Norman Osborn in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Unlike my issues with Woodley, Cooper is a great casting move and the incredibly versatile actor should prove a far better Osborn than Willem DaFoe’s turn in “Spider-Man.” I’m really starting to think by the time “The Amazing Spider-Man” trilogy is complete a lot of us are going to be embarrassed to admit we liked the previous trilogy.

Osborn is a Tony Stark-level genius and father to Peter Parker’s best friend, Harry (played in this installment by Dane DeHaan), as well as Spider-Man’s arch-rival, The Green Goblin. This dynamic already played out before in the Sam Raimi trilogy, but I’m curious to how it goes in this installment. If nothing else, DeHaan looks like he could be Cooper’s son unlike Dafoe’s film son, James Franco.

Those wild and crazy Osborn boys. Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan star as Norman and Harry Osborn in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."
Those wild and crazy Osborn boys. Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan star as Norman and Harry Osborn in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” already has Jamie Foxx as Electro and Paul Giamatti as The Rhino so Cooper shouldn’t need to play The Green Goblin in this outing. If Director Marc Webb could devote an entire film to The Lizard in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” he can easily have Spider-Man’s hands full with two of his longtime foes without having to bring in the Goblin for backup.Spider-Man movie Green Goblin

That’s all the more reason to save Cooper’s turn as the Goblin for the third film in this trilogy and make for quite the dramatic standoff if Webb stays true to the comic regarding Goblin’s connection to Peter’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

If the new Spider-Man costume is any indication, hopefully that means we’ll have a more classic comic book look for him as opposed to the armored-up Power Ranger villain from “Spider-Man.” [Shudder]

And with all this breaking news it’s kind of a bummer we have to wait until May 2, 2014 for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and of course by then all everyone will be talking about our pictures and news from “Avengers 2.” Stay tuned.