Can Warner Bros.' real Dynamic Duo of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale save the Justice League movie?

Christian Bale and Christopher NolanThe big rumor going around right now is that Warner Bros. wants Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale to play an integral role in saving its struggling “Justice League” movie.

According to the Latino Review, Warner Bros. has tabbed Nolan to serve as the architect of the Justice League franchise (similar to Joss Whedon with Marvel’s Avengers stable) while “Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder is the early frontrunner to direct the massive endeavor.

Nolan’s Batman screenwriter David S. Goyer is rumored to be handling the reworked script and in the biggest news, Christian Bale — not Joseph Gordon Levitt — may be Batman in the Justice League movie.

Bale has previously said he could see himself back in the role provided Nolan was still involved in some capacity so this could be just the thing needed to have this generation’s definitive movie Batman starring in DC’s biggest movie in Warner Bros. history.

Bale and Nolan have been a real dynamic duo for Warner Bros. with their Batman trilogy being both critically acclaimed and box office successes. “Batman Begins” earned $206 million, “The Dark Knight” brought in $534 million and “The Dark Knight Rises” added another $448 million. For some perspective, Warner Bros. has only released two other high profile comic book films in the last decade — Superman Returns (2006) and Green Lantern (2011). Their combined gross was $316 million, a mere $4 million more than “Iron Man 2.” Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman ready for Justice League movie

So you’ve gotta figure for Warner Bros. it’s worth every penny to bring Bale and Nolan back to the fold as they’ve proven to be the only sure thing in terms of delivering a solid return on their investment. And on the audience front, I’m sure a lot more are likely to flock to the theaters to see “Justice League” if it has the quality assurance of having Nolan and Bale involved.