Meeting Bill Murray

Bill MurrayMy pal Tim Warfield had a completely random run-in with Bill Murray a few weeks ago. Murray is one of those actors who will forever be in my do no wrong good graces for his iconic role in “Ghostbusters,” but he keeps on cranking out other memorable roles such as “Groundhog Day,” “Scrooged,” “Lost in Translation” and “Moonrise Kingdom.”

As a 49ers fan, I’m contractually obligated to hate on Tim until the end of next football season since he’s a Ravens fan, but he was nice enough to share his encounter:

I was working a sponsorship appearance at Towson University’s last home men’s basketball game. The game had a huge crowd because it was also the last game ever to be played in the Towson Center Arena, with a new stadium being built just next door. Tim and Bill Murray

I was standing there and did a double take and asked someone who works for Towson if that was Bill Murray who just walked by me and she confirmed. 

Apparently Bill’s son is the assistant coach for Towson, so he frequents games and dresses down to fit in with the other parents/fans in the stands. So before the game got underway, when he passed by later on I stopped him real quick for a pic. Very nice guy.

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