No free comics for you! Marvel's promotion crash may not be all bad if they wait 2 months

all-new-x-men-1 marvel free comic book downloadFrom the good intentions, bad execution department. Marvel Comics had the inspired idea to make more than 700 free #1 issues available for digital download. This would open the Marvel Universe to a whole new set of readers and potentially vastly expand their readership.

Only problem was someone at Marvel didn’t consider that more people are coming around to discovering comic books after the phenomenal success of the Avengers movies and most importantly forgetting that everyone’s favorite price for anything is free, so the Marvel servers were overloaded and crashed so very few people were actually able to make use of the offer, which expires at 11 p.m. today.

Here’s Marvel’s official statement:

Marvel fans assembled in record numbers to take advantage of the landmark Marvel #1 digital comics sale! The demand has been so overwhelmingly positive, in fact, that a number of technical issues have arisen with our technology partner in getting the more than 700 free issues to each of you. When we have further updates from our partner, we will share them.

Your excitement, support and never-ending enthusiasm for all things Marvel are truly amazing.

From the House of Ideas directly to every Marvelite out there: thank you for making yours Marvel!

Valiant 2013 Free Comic Book DaySo if you were able to download a free comic, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. For everyone else, looks like you may need to just wait until Free Comic Book Day on May 4 to get some freebies.

Actually, just waiting until the week of Free Comic Book Day may just be a better strategy for Marvel at this point anyway since “Iron Man 3” is coming out that weekend and it would help drive folks to stores and explore Marvel’s comic library and free is still the best price even if we have to wait a couple more months for it.