The absolute best homemade G.I. Joe costumes

I sincerely love the creativity of cosplayers. Just for taking the time to come up with an idea, find material to make the outfit work and then parading around in conventions to really make them special for their fellow attendees is awesome. Here’s some of the best G.I. Joe costumes from the web.

Cobra forces

GI Joe costumes Zarana, Destro, The Baroness, Zartan and Firefly with troops

Joes battling B.A.T.S

GI Joe costumes Joes vs BATS

Cobra army

GI Joe costumes Cobra army

Major Bludd and a Viper

GI Joe costumes Major Bludd and female Cobra trooper

Destro and The BaronessGI Joe costumes The Baroness and Destro

Law, Recondo and Scarlett

GI Joe costumes Law, Recondo and Scarlett

Joe squadron

GI Joe costumes group shot


GI Joe costume Bazooka

Cobra Commander – maybe the best of the bunchGI Joe Cobra Commander by the darkwolf


Joe squadGI Joe cosplayers


Xamot, Cobra Commander and Tomax

GI Joe costumes Cobra Commander, Tomax and Xamot

And finally my favorite…
Zartan and an effort so great it made me a Serpentor fan

GI Joe costumes Zartan and Serpentor

Joe cosplay is some of my favorite at conventions because it shows how easily it could translate to film. It’s not like the Joe costumes are that intricate. Hopefully these will inspire some set designers to step their game up for the next Joe movie.