Celebrity Encounters: Dwayne Johnson – The Rock

My pal Jay Ryan, has had quite a few encounters with celebrities and with G.I. Joe Retaliation released this weekend, I figured it was the perfect time to share his run in with The Rock or Dwayne Johnson in Philadelphia.

DJKnightRida and I headed around to the historical Rocky Balboa statue … as we got closer and closer, we noticed the bright lights surrounding the statue. Then as we pulled right us … BAM!!! WWE Film crew had setup. We quickly parked the car and I grabbed my programs. We marched over and it was clear…. we were about to witness epic glory.

A few minutes later The Rock arrived. We looked around and it was me and DJ and the Philadelphia air. Rock walked right up to us and asked if we wanted some autographs and photos. We told him yes. He asked us if we mind waiting cuz “Rock’s gotta film some promos.” We told him we would wait an eternity for him.

A few passersby began to stop and they wanted to watch as well. Well that few just began to grow and grow and grow. Until there was damn near 40 people there. We watched eagerly as Rock cut his promo, which I am sure all of you have seen on Raw.

Anyway, after Rock finally wrapped filming they asked everyone who wanted to meet The Rock to form a single file line and Rock would go down the line and take care of everyone. Rock came to me and asked me what I had. I showed him my Wrestlemania 19 program first. Before he started to sign I asked him if he remembered me from Cleveland the other night.

jay-ryan-with-the-rockHe said he did and that I had that gigantic poster that he signed. I said yeah that I traveled 8 hours to meet him. He said he remembered and got my tweets. He said the poster looked great and then said…. ‘You liked that autograph The Rock gave you, huh? Rock really hooked you up with that beauty, huh?’ I turned into an 8-year-old boy, wetting himself in excitement.

After he signed Rock on the program and recanted the Cleveland story, he added THE on top of it. Rock asked me what else I had and I pulled out Wrestlemania 27, where at the suggestion of my tag team partner, I asked for an inscription. Can you make it out To…..IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!!! Rock laughed and said this was a first. He started writing it and then stopped at ‘What’ and started to repeat it. Rock said he loved the idea.

Jay's autograph from The Rock

Finished the signature and I got a photo with him. He asked us if we were going to WM and I did not falter and told him he was the only reason I was going…..slight fib, but mostly truth. I did purchase my plane ticket after Rock vs. Cena was announced and long before Edge was announced for HOF. He thanked us again and moved onto the next person.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a WWE segment taped and taped with none other than The People’s Champion. After all the trials and tribulations, the feeling of loss and time wasted…..we triumphed in the end. Some trips are remembered for an autograph or photo op….a funny anecdote or the idiocy of another person. And some trips are remembered for squandered opportunity or unsatisfactory results. For me and for DJ….this trip will be remembered for an epic experience.

Photo Credit: Jay Ryan