Top 5 Superman comic book stories we should see for "Man of Steel" sequels

1. Reign of the Supermen (June – October 1993)

Reign of the Supermen promo

Has Superman returned from the dead? Maybe. And he could actually be one of the four men who are wearing his “S”-shield.

There’s The Man of Tomorrow – who says the damages from his battle with Doomsday forced him to use Kryptonian machinery to repair his body; The Metropolis Kid – a brash teenage clone who exhibits some of the Man of Steel’s powers, but little of his selfless nature.

Additionally, there’s The Last Son of Krypton – who looks just like Superman, but has a much more permanent solution for dealing with criminals and The Man of Steel – who simply seeks to honor Superman’s legacy despite a lack of his own powers. Reign of the Supermen cover posters

Only thing is one of them is lying. They’re not actually Superman and they’ve got a sinister plan to forever tarnish Superman’s memory by unleashing a tragedy none will forget.

The story plays out like a bit of a superhero mystery novel with Lois Lane trying to determine if any of them is the real deal before it’s too late.

In true “Avengers”-like fashion, the four just can’t get along and soon begin battling over who has the right to be called Superman in some spectacular battles before the evil mastermind reveals his plan and takes out his fellow Supermen.

As the evil plan unfolds, another mystery man emerges and he may hold the answer to all the questions and lead to the return of the true Superman.

Superman_The_Return_of_SupermanHow does it have to changes for the movie? Very little with the possible exception of not having Green Lantern involved in the story. Zack Snyder would be in heaven putting together all the action scenes in this one together and it would be the perfect cap to wrap this era’s “Man of Steel” films.

What do you think? Did I miss one? What Superman story would you like to see become a movie?

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