Buying off the comic book rack – June 19, 2013

With the box office still buzzing from “Man of Steel,” Steve from Third Eye Comics has a lot to cover as far as the new comic releases coming out today.

AGE OF ULTRON #10 — The big finale arrives polybagged to hide the MAJOR revelations within!!

This is it. The huge conclusion to Marvel’s massive AGE OF ULTRON storyline. As you all know, AGE OF ULTRON has been the lead-in event to the upcoming MARVEL: INFINITY storyline which looks to the biggest thing to hit Marvel in ages… I mean, if you thought AVENGERS VS. X-MEN was crazy, wait until you read this one…

And, apparently, what goes down in AGE OF ULTRON #10 is so big, so over-the-top, that Marvel is shipping the book in a black polybag to keep the secrets secret.

We’re staying tightlipped about what goes down, but what we can say is this: your minds will be blown!

AVENGERS #14 — Marvel INFINITY begins with it’s first prelude chapter in this Wednesday’s AVENGERS #14 (read AFTER Age Of Ultron #10)

The PRELUDE TO INFINITY begins this Wednesday in AVENGERS #14, taking place immediately after the events of AGE OF ULTRON #10.

INFINITY writer JONATHAN HICKMAN teams up with BEDLAM scribe NICK SPENCER to tell a story so big… it requires TWO awesome writers. :)

In AVENGERS #14, all of the Origin Sites go active as the Earth begins to communicate with something much more ancient than any human civilization…. and all the while, the Terror scientists of A.I.M. prepare to unveil the S7 Program.

Marvel’s keeping tight-lipped about the INFINITY crossover, and we don’t blame them: the surprises that are in store are EPIC.

Just trust us. This issue kicked a$$, and is a fantastic lead in to the upcoming INFINITY event. Do not miss it — it’s a killer bridge between the conclusion AGE OF ULTRON and the beginning of INFINITY.

Dark Horse Comics unveils CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #0

When we first saw glimpses of CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, we knew it was something special.

Piloting a World War II dive-bomber, Captain Midnight — fighter pilot extraordinaire and expert inventory — hurtles out of a freak storm in the Bermuda Triangle and into the twenty-first century, where he’s in for more than one surprise as he enters the modern era.

Grab your decoder rings, Third Eye Faithful, as Dark Horse re-imagines the days of radio serials, and pulp fiction with a distinctly modern edge.

Stylistically and story-wise, this is one of the coolest releases coming out of the publisher, and is a must-read for fans of their recent BLACK BEETLE series.

Also, if you’re into stuff like ATOMIC ROBO, HELLBOY, and so on… you’ll totally love Captain Midnight.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #21 *Get a FREE Indigo Lantern Ring With Purchase!*

The FREE ring giveaways continue, as this Wednesday’s NEW GUARDIANS #21 comes with a FREE Indigo Lantern ring!

And, it also marks the start of a new direction, like the other GL books, as the Templar Guardians history is revealed.

After having been locked away for millennia, the Templars have a very clear idea of what they need to do next — and of all of the Lanterns in the universe, they need Kyle Rayner’s help.

Of course, Kyle’s not too keen on working with these guys — but, he’s got no choice, once the strange anomaly lurking at the edge of the universe is revealed.

Written by STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE creator JUSTIN JORDAN, GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS looks to be taking some very interesting new directions.


Superior Spider-Man has been one of the best Marvel launches o the new MARVEL NOW line-up, and it just keeps on getting better and better with each next issue.

The concept of having Doc Ock residing in the body of Spider-Man, and actually making an effort to BE Spider-Man, yes, a real deal superhero… is freakin’ awesome.

We love the inner conflict of the once notorious villain as he strives to not just live up to the legacy of Spider-Man, but to surpass it with his own legacy.

In issue #12, part 2 of the NO ESCAPE story arc, the RAFT is complete shutdown. Which means that Spider-Man, Jonah, Glory, and Norah are trapped inside with practically ALL the villains that the Superior Spider-Man has brutalized over the past 12 issues.

And, now, the Spider-Slayer, Scorpion, Boomerang, the Vulture and more, are planning on a little payback.


We have been totally loving Mark Waid’s run of HULK, as he’s really bringing a very fresh, and innovative take to the Jade Giant.

Capturing the ruthless, silent efficiency of PLANET HULK with the cunning intelligence of MR.FIXIT-era Grey Hulk, Waid’s HULK is a living weapon with a mission statement. Even more interesting is the characterization of Bruce Banner, and his attitude of concern for one person and one person only: himself.

We love this evolution of the Hulk, and are hooked on the series so far.

This Wednesday, Waid begins a brand new arc featuring another character he’s worked wonders with, DAREDEVIL!

The secret of the friendship between Murdock and Bruce Banner is revealed, as we’re taken into a story that puts HULK where he’s never been before: the witness stand.

IDW is debuting their new creator-owned epic, WILD BLUE YONDER, this Wednesday from STUFF OF LEGEND writer MIKE RAICHT and Joe Hill’s THE CAPE artist ZACH HOWARD, and it looks INCREDIBLE.
This steampunky new sci-fi epic is gorgeously illustrated, and really delivers one heck of a compelling read.
In the near future, mankind has destroyed the Earth, and the only refuge from radioactive pollution can be found in the skies.
Unfortunately, dwindling supplies and blood-thisrty air-pirates make surviving in this new world even harder.
Will the crew of the Dawn escape the merciless Judge and survive another week?
Folks: you want post-apocalyptic, air-pirate, rocket-ship awesomeness? You need to read WILD BLUE YONDER.
A must for fans of stuff like IGNITION CITY, THE ROCKETEER, and video games like FALLOUT, WILD BLUE YONDER will wow you, we promise.
EAST OF WEST scribe JONATHAN HICKMAN continues to weave an interesting addition to the AVENGERS mythos with NEW AVENGERS, focusing on the “Illuminati” of the Marvel Universe.
Tony Stark, Black Panther, Captain America, Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt, the Beast, and more are the movers and shakers who must do the things that no one can know are being done.
We’ve been digging this run especially, as it really plays to Hickman’s strengths, as we’ve seen him do so well in series like MANHATTAN PROJECTS.
In this week’s issue #7, the cold war between Atlantis and Wakanda heats up… who is the secret member of the Illuminati, and how does he play into this?
And, how does a man who cannot speak tell a lie? Let’s ask Black Bolt.