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Star Wars Night at Bowie Baysox = trip to baseball heaven

I live in Maryland, but my favorite baseball team isn’t the Baltimore Orioles (my interest in the team left with Cal) or the Washington Nationals. Nope, I’m perfectly happy skipping the $40 parking, heinous traffic and overpriced concessions to spend an afternoon or evening with the Bowie Baysox – the O’s double A minor league team. In addition to exciting games, their marketing department puts together some awesome promotions like last Saturday’s Star Wars Night.

Star Wars Night - astromech droidThankfully, I was with my brother, who is more than accustomed to my geek-out moments, which were even more obnoxious than usual with each  new Star Wars memorabilia we saw. And it was very cool watching fathers out rocking some Star Wars gear, costume or lightsaber with their children and their own Star Wars attire.

It was even more spectacular than I could have imagined complete with lightsaber duels, vintage action figures and tons of costumed Jedi, Sith and other popular characters from George Lucas’ universe.

The cutest Star Wars father and daughter pic you'll ever see.
The cutest Star Wars father and daughter pic you’ll ever see.

Members of Jedi Saber Combat performed some excellent lightsaber duels and happily posed with Star Wars fans – many of whom brought their own lightsabers. [Note to self: bring your lightsaber next year and avoid the urge to join in on the duels].

If you like Star Wars (and who doesn’t?) you’ve definitely gotta check them out as watching them perform is a lot better than flailing around and knocking over lights in your own place, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…

Here’s some of the pics from Star Wars Night: