Josh Duhamel won't be enlisting to roll out with the Autobots in "Transformers 4"

From the almost daily “Transformers 4” update department …

This tweet was soooooo disappointing:

I suppose with alpha male Mark Wahlberg starring in “Transformers 4” there wasn’t a lot of room for Duhamel to reprise his Maj. William Lennox character from the first three films.

I hated on about 75% of the franchise, but I enjoyed Lennox and his elite squad of soldiers including Tyrese as those were the action scenes that Director Michael Bay could put together in his sleep.

transformers_3 tyrese and josh_duhamel

In watching him stage the fight scenes involving the soldiers, I always felt like Bay was given the reins to the wrong Hasbro property as I still think he’d be able to put together a great G.I. Joe movie. I’m being serious.

What do you think? Will you miss Duhamel and his crew or do you think Wahlberg won’t have you regretting the shift at all?