Vin Diesel's meeting with Marvel so time to play casting agent and guess his character

Let the speculation begin!

P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me...

Time to go all fanboy and come up with a few suggestions myself:

Avengers Wonder Man1. Wonder Man – Simon Williams has gone through numerous personality changes over the years in his time as an Avenger. He started fighting the team as a member of the Masters of Evil, then later joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as a reluctant powerhouse terrified of combat, which made this Superman-esque character very different from his peers. His second most interesting arc came as a result of becoming a celebrity/movie star and letting it go to his head. Despite being one of the more fan-friendly stars out there, it’d be fun seeing Diesel play the cocky celebrity, which would make for an interesting addition to the Avengers’ ranks.

Marvel Comics Vision2. The Vision – When Williams died, Avenger Hank Pym recorded his unique brain waves for storage and they later became the template for the android Vision, who also started battling the team before becoming a long-standing member. With his on and off again girlfriend/wife Scarlet Witch appearing in “Avengers 2,” it may be time to introduce another popular member to the group?

Still, Vision is a bit flat of a character and wouldn’t make the best use of Diesel’s charisma.

Marvel Comics Skurge the Executioner3.  Skurge the Executioner – One of the original Masters of Evil, Skurge teamed with Baron Zemo and the Enchantress to repeatedly tangle with Captain America and company during the Avengers’ first year.

Also hailing from Asgard, Skurge could start out in a Thor movie as the main adversary (to give Loki a break) and then unite for the super-villain throw-down that only Joss Whedon could handle in a third Avengers film.

Marvel Comics Luke Cage4. Luke Cage – This superhero Avenger sticks to tight yellow T-shirts and black pants/jeans as his “costume” and if nothing else, Diesel would be able to easily show off his guns in that attire.

Cage would be the role Diesel could do in his sleep and it’s a natural, if not especially challenging one for him. Diesel’s certainly the kind of A-level action star to raise Cage’s profile and bring him to Iron Man and Hulk levels in terms of becoming a major player in Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe.

Marvel X-Men Cable and Bishop

5. Cable or Bishop – Nathan Summers is a time-displaced mutant from a much darker universe than the one familiar to most fans.

Cable is practically a super-powered version of Diesel’s Riddick character, but it’d be interesting to see what Diesel could do in this role. Ditto for Bishop, another far future X-Man who could exist in his own separate movie universe with only vague references to his X-Men ties if 20th Century Fox is particularly sticky with the character.

Marvel Comics Super Skrull6. Super Skrull – With the combined powers of the Fantastic 4, the Super Skrull has proven to be a serious threat to both the FF and the Avengers.

Diesel doesn’t normally play the bad guy, but he would give some personality to the overconfident villain.