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Black Panther film slated for Marvel Studios' Phase 3

Marvel Comics Black PantherThis should make Fred happy…

In a recent interview, Stan Lee confirmed what had up to this point just been a rumor – The Black Panther film is slated for Marvel Studios’ Phase 3.

“The people at Marvel are spending hours trying to think ‘What’ll we do next?’ And there’s a damn good chance that they will think just what you mentioned because it would be a great idea, and little by little, everything you want to see will come along because they’re just like you,” Lee told “They’re fans of the stories and are trying to think, ‘What will the fans like to see next? What would we like to see next?’ So they’re working on Ant-Man, working on Doctor Strange; they’re working on Guardians of the Galaxy; they’re working on God knows what. Did I say the Black Panther also? They’re the ones I know about.”

Phase 1 concluded with “Marvel’s The Avengers” and Phase 2 kicked off this year with “Iron Man 3.” Other Phase 2 films scheduled are “Thor: The Dark World” in November and 2014 releases “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” building up to “Avengers 2,” which is slated for 2015. The only other announced Phase 3 film is Ant-Man with a rumored Dr. Strange movie in the works as well.

And what about that random meeting Vin Diesel mentioned he had coming up with Marvel?