So… "Big Brother 15" houseguest Aaryn Gries is apparently a super racist/homophobe

BIG BROTHERThe first main controversy from season 15 of Big Brother surfaced as contestant Aaryn Gries of San Marcos, Texas, was dropped by her talent agency Zephyr Talent after she made some majorly offensive racist, homophobic slurs to some of her fellow houseguest during the 24-hour live feeds.

Gries said it would be hard to see one of her houseguests in the dark, asked another to make some rice and used a gay slur to the gay housemate.

I KNEW her parents didn’t spell her name right! It’s ARYAN!

CBS issued a blanket statement to The Hollywood Reporter before the July 2 incident “We certainly find the statements made by several houseguests to the live Internet feed to be offensive.” That’s great and all but CBS seriously needs to stop for lack of a better word, white-washing, the houseguests.

Sure it’s reality TV and all but not showing this other side of the houseguest is a disservice to the viewer. If they’re ignorant racists and homophobes, CBS needs to convey that somehow and stop painting the houseguests as these quirky people.

At one point, the producers had to get on the house loudspeaker and tell the houseguests not to use racial slurs against other houseguests. (Aaryn was joined in the “fun” by fellow guests GinaMarie and Kaitlyn).

And how completely clueless is a houseguest who makes racist statements against Asians going to come on a show where the host is Asian? I wonder what Julie Chen thinks about all this?

For what it’s worth, there’s an online petition to get Aaryn out of the house that you can check out here and if nothing else, hopefully this will keep them from ever being named the Big Brother MVP.