Hot Toys reveals "Man of Steel" the Jor-El (Russell Crowe) 12" collectible figure

Hot Toys Man of Steel Jor-El imploringHot Toys continues its “Man of Steel” 12″ collectible series with the full reveal of Superman’s daddy, Jor-El, (played by Russell Crowe in an outstanding performance).

You’ve already seen Superman so here’s a look at the guy who helped bring hope to Earth.

Hot Toys Man of Steel Jor-El side closeupI’m a bit surprised that General Zod wasn’t the next figure in the line since the four viable characters from the film are Superman, Jor-El, Zod and Faora and two back to back characters in black may not be all that exciting.

The attire choice is also interesting as the gold armor Jor-El seemed like the most memorable look for him from the film or at least the one that would have been most impressive to see done by Hot Toys.

Anyway, Jor-El looks great and if you ever wanted a mini-Russell Crowe, this is definitely the one to own.

Here’s Hot Toys’ description:

“Man of Steel” has finally hit the theaters in many countries worldwide and has a successful box office record. Every story has a beginning, and Man of Steel unfolds it by showing the audience the origin of Superman. Foreseeing the inevitable doom of Krypton, Jor-El sends his new-born son to Earth to preserve the Kryptonian race. A caring father even after death, Jor-El’s artificial consciousness guides Clark Kent to bring hopes to mankind and leads to the rise of the iconic superhero. Hot Toys Man of Steel Jor-El horizontal

The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of the Academy Award winner, Russell Crowe, as Jor-El in the movie which features a meticulously-made costume and accessories with great details.