Hot Toys reveals Captain America – The Star Spangled Man exclusive

Hot Toys Captain America exclusive Star Spangled ManOne of my favorite scenes in “Captain America – The First Avenger” was the far-too brief bit where Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) donned a near replica of Captain America’s actual comic book costume.

It was played out like the costume was a bit too goofy and not completely functional, but with a few minor tweaks here and there, the comic version would have worked just fine as proven by the film’s costume designers.

While Hot Toys has already covered several versions of Captain America from his own movie and again in its “Marvel’s The Avengers” line and now they’ve dipped further into the variant well with “The Star Spangled Man” exclusive.

I know it’s supposed to look corny and cheesy, but I kinda like it besides the bulky costume bits around the neck and slight different shade of blue from the cowl and the rest of the outfit. If he’s not too terribly expensive, I could see adding this guy to the collection.

Here’s the HT synopsis:

It’s summer time again where some of the biggest toy fairs will be hosted. To celebrate the start of this bustling season, Hot Toys is thrilled to share with you a first glance at one of the Toy Fairs Exclusive items this year – the Star Spangled Man Version of Captain America Collectible Figurine.

Please stay tuned for the pre-order information of the “Star Spangled Man with a plan” as well as the reveal of more Hot Toys 2013 Toy Fairs Exclusive items.