Birthday Wishes – Sept. 2, 2013 – Salma Hayek, Mark Harmon, Keanu Reeves

salma hayek Salma Hayek (47) – One of my longtime movie crushes. Hoping you have a fantastic birthday and you continue to prove to Hollywood that being over 30 isn’t the kiss of death in terms of having a lengthy and successful career.

Mark HarmonMark Harmon (62) – All the best for NCIS. And if I can ever figure out a way to get a time machine working one of the first things I’ll do is recast the Fantastic Four movies with you as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards.

Of course, while I’m at it, I may as well go ahead and give that a better script and recast Invisible Woman/Susan Storm and Dr. Doom too.

Keanu Reeves The MatrixKeanu Reeves (49) – Hoping that 47 Ronin is a hit for you as it’s been too long since Street Kings reminded everyone you’re more than The One who said Whoa.

Barry Murray – To the first regular reader/commentator of LMF, here’s hoping this marks the start of a fantastic year for you and you get all the Hot Toys you’re looking for :-)