Birthday Wishes – Sept. 4, 2013 – Beyonce, Damon Wayans, Wes Bentley

BeyonceBeyonce (32) That you … seriously, there’s not a whole heck of a lot you don’t already have so how about I hope you keep that drive going to be the best in your profession for another 10-20 years?  Deal?

Oh, and whatever you do, you definitely have to keep coming up with those jaw-dropping dance routines. Signed most sincerely, The World.

Damon WayansDamon Wayans (53) That you’re just simply too bored to decide you’re ready to entertain us again as opposed to people not being able to come up with a project worthy of your talents.

I’m not the only one still mad that “Happy Endings” was cancelled cheating you out of a steady cameo role for years, am I?

Wes Bentley (35) That wish you made two years ago that you’d be involved in a hit film that would make people forget all about “Ghost Rider?” Wes BentleyMission accomplished with “The Hunger Games” and starring in Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is a good way to continue the great movie phase of your career.

Khandi AlexanderKhandi Alexander (56) I’m thinking it can’t really have been that long since “CB4” can it?

Speaking of, that really needs to come out on Blu-Ray as well as “NewsRadio” so we can relive some of your greatest hits.