Buying off the comic book rack – Sept. 4, 2013 – Forever Evil, Battle of the Atom top big week

Wednesday is shaping up to be a big week with the start of the first major crossover in the new DC Universe – Forever Evil – and the first major event of the new X-Men titles. Here’s the scoop from Third Eye Comics‘ Steve Anderson, who will no doubt be at this year’s Baltimore Comic Con. If you’re in the area or close by, here’s all the info. And here’s the latest on this week’s new releases:


Here it is, folks — the big, bold new direction of the DC Universe begins this Wednesday, and we cannot wait!

By now, you’ve probably read the ending of TRINITY WAR, and seen how this is shaping up …

Now, with the Justice League disbanded, and the heroes nowhere to be seen — the Crime Syndicate — are set to turn Earth into their domain.

See, Earth is filled with tons of terrifying DC Universe super-villains…. and they’re not too keen on ANYONE, good or bad, putting themselves as an authority above them.

So, what do we have happen? Lex Luthor assembles his own all-star team of the most iconic DC Universe villains imaginable to wage war on this evil Justice League.. and, folks: it. is. awesome.

Featuring the writing of GEOFF JOHNS and the artwork of comics legend DAVID FINCH — FOREVER EVIL is shaping up to be the most exciting, and interesting fun that DC Comics has done since the pre-NEW 52 days.


So, what’s up with VILLAINS MONTH? Running alongside the FOREVER EVIL event, VILLAINS MONTH is a line-wide event where all the DC Comics titles are replaced with one-shot stories focusing on their own respective villains.

And, of course, we had to give top billing this week to the Clown Prince of Crime, as his one-shot is one of the most anticipated of the bunch.

In the DC Universe, the Joker has been the face of Evil FOREVER… but what led him on this devious path of tragedy?

Comics legend Andy Kubert showcases a special one-shot story exploring where the Clown Prince of Crime originated, and where he’s heading today.

A must-read, make sure you snag yourself a copy this Wednesday, as this is guaranteed to be one of the most popular VILLAINS MONTH titles.


One of the most anticipated X-MEN storylines begins this Wednesday, and WE CAN’T WAIT!

For the last year, Bendis and co. have been absolutely crushing all with their work on the X-Books delivering some of the best, most focused X-MEN storytelling we’ve seen in decades!

Now, starting this week, a 10-chapter saga begins, that unites ALL NEW X-MEN, UNCANNY X-MEN, X-MEN and WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN.

Chronicling the X-Men of the Future traveling to the present day in order to force the ALL NEW X-MEN (the younger versions of Scott, Jean, and so on that were pulled from the past and dropped into our present) to return to their rightful time, as their presence in the current timeline will result in disastrous consequences.

There’s a ton of rumors surrounding this one, including a big one about the combining of all the various alternate X-MEN futures into one concrete timeline. From DAYS OF FUTURE PAST to AGE OF APOCALYPSE, they’d all be united into one.

Marvel’s flagship event, INFINITY, continues in INFINITY #2!

We are LOVING the INFINITY storyline, and let me tell you right now: if you’re not reading AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS, you are MISSING OUT!

Last week, Namor pretty much surrendered Atlantis to THANOS’s forces…. and pledged his allegiance, in a manner of speaking!

Now, in INFINITY #2, the Mad Titan’s conquest continues, as he grasps victory in deep space, and the Inhumans are forced to pay the tribute.

And, if that wasn’t enough — the secrets of THANOS are revealed!

George Lucas’ original vision is explored in the all new series “THE STAR WARS” with THE STAR WARS #1 this Wednesday

Folks, here’s something I think every Star Wars fan has been curious and intrigued about since we first saw those original Ralph McQuarrie concept designs: Lucas’s original draft for STAR WARS.

Before STAR WARS, there was THE STAR WARS! This is the authorized adaptation of George Lucas’s orginal rough-draft screenplay of what would eventually become the movie that would change the world.

Annikin Starkiller is the hero… Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi General… Han Solo is a big green alien.. and the Sith, well, the Sith are still the bad guys.

High adventure and derring-do from longer ago, in a galaxy even further away!


Folks, you don’t need us to tell you the obvious: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN continues to kick ass, and continues to be one of the best darn books that Marvel’s put on the stands.

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite titles, and we cannot get enough of it, month in, and month out.

So, how do you take something great, and make it even better?

Well, how about bringing the return of fan-favorite… SPIDER-MAN 2099? And, oh, how about having the original SUPERIOR SPIDERMAN artist, RYAN STEGMAN, return to draw it?

Yes, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN just got even better.


We love us some Masters of the Universe so when you cross those characters over with the icons of the DCU… you know we’re gonna be on board!

After narrowly escaping his last battle with He-Man, Skeletor has fled to the most unexpected realm to recover: EARTH!

Once there, he sets a plan in motion to siphon off Earth’s core magic.

Forging an unlikely hunting party, He-Man and company go in search of Skeletor.

Finding themselves at odds with the heroes of the DC Universe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe must find a way to stop Skeletor and his mysterious new master!


The legendary Eisner Award-winning series BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE returns in a brand new six-issue miniseries featuring tales of the Dark Knight by some of the biggest names in the comic industry.

This first issue alone features THE WAKE artist SEAN MURPHY, Batman legend NEAL ADAMS, DC Comics graphic design maestro CHIP KIDD, and many more!

Snag yourself a copy this Wednesday!