Dwayne Johnson may be your next Fall Guy in a feature film

I grew up on 1980s TV shows so of course I loved The Fall Guy starring Lee Majors, a show about a Hollywood stunt man who moonlit as a private investigator. In the 80s, private detective shows were as common as reality shows are today.The Fall Guy cast TV show

The show ran from 1981-1986 and was popular enough, but the concept seems so simple to translate to modern audiences that I’m surprised it hasn’t been considered for a relaunch.

We got movies about Starsky & Hutch and Charlie’s Angel’s for crying out loud! How did it take so long to get a remake of Colt Seavers and company?

The Fall Guy cast

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is in talks to play the lead in a feature film version.

That’s the great news. Johnson will easily be able to make this role work with merely passable writing and could likely overcome a mediocre director.

And there’s the bad news. McG, director of Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angels, is negotiating with Hyde Park Entertainment and WWE Entertainment to direct and possibly produce the film, according to reports.

McG isn’t a bad director, but he’s not really a guy that’s ever done anything that’s made you think ‘I’ve gotta see McG’s new film!!!’ But if anyone can drag him kicking and screaming to a great movie, it’s Johnson.


Since Majors, last seen on the Dallas TV relaunch, is still working so they’ve got to find a role for him here. Maybe they can have him play Johnson’s mentor a la Richard Roundtree in the Shaft movie?

Now my main question is will Johnson sing the theme song like Majors?