Celebrity Encounters: Chris Hemsworth

Six years ago, if you knew who Chris Hemsworth was you deserved a gold star, but now he’s well on his way to becoming one of the more recognizable up and coming actors around thanks to starring roles in films like Thor, Marvel’s The Avengers and Cabin in the Woods. We’ll all just go ahead and pretend that awful Red Dawn remake never happened.

My pal Jay Ryan got a chance to meet Hemsworth at last year’s Wizard World convention in Philly, but it was a lot more eventful than he hoped:

Due to previous bad experiences with cancellations and not getting refunds by Wizard World, I did not want to pre-purchase a general admission ticket. Well, after thinking it over the night before, I opted to buy one around 11 p.m. Friday night. I printed it out and figured I would save time by not having to stand in line to purchase a ticket inside.

Once upstairs, I saw the sea of humanity. There had to be 3,000 people in the GA line and maybe another 500 in the VIP. I immediately headed for the GA line and took my spot. This is where I am told to go to the registration line first. WHAT?!!?!?! That line is 500 people deep. I look over at the ticket purchase line and it’s empty. Literally not one person is there. If I had NOT pre purchased a ticket, I could have joined the GA line. Instead b/c I did … once again I get [screwed] by WW and I am forced to stand in another huge line to get a wristband. This is NOT going well. No, not at all.

CM Showstopper with Chris Hemsworth from Thor

Once back inside the convention, I hurried back to Hemsworth. Hemsworth seemed to be really plowing through the VIPs, which at this point had grown to what seemed to be full size of 400. I’m really thinking the entire time there is no way I can make it to him within an hour. By 11:30…..VIPS were done. WOW! While rushed, it wasn’t so rushed that you didn’t get to shake his hand and say hello. No story time or anything. But not a cattle run. Once I got into the barriers it was 11:50. Aw man…I can just feel it. I am gonna be cut off. Right on me. 11:57 and I am 3 away.

Chris Hemsworth's autograph to CM Showstopper

Somehow I made it, even though it was close and WW did want to cut me off. But they said they had another minute and could do 3 more. I was one of the last 3 in. Got up to Chris and handed him my red deco. I asked him to inscribe my poster “Thor God of Thunder” and he was happy to do so. He started writing and really liked the marker and thought it was cool that the red was showing up on the poster.

Chris really liked the poster and the red, so he made sure it came out really nice. However, pressing down too hard on the paint will cause it to start to flow. So he had to slow up and retrace a bit. Thank God….the paint didn’t run everywhere. I shook his hand, collected my paint and left. I was overjoyed.

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