49ers sending Packers home in 2014 Playoffs is such sweet revenge

I like to consider myself a fairly calm and rational person. Besides getting stuck in traffic, the only time I embrace my inner-lunatic is when watching my beloved San Francisco 49ers play.

My name is Jeffrey Lyles and I am a crazy 49ers fan. Acceptance is the first step to recovery they say.

A large portion of my lunacy comes from the mid-90s where my hopes of celebrating yet another Superbowl victory were repeatedly trampled, destroyed and otherwise wiped out by those arrogant, obnoxious Dallas Cowboys. I HATED the Cowboys and the fact that a lot of my friends in college were Cowboys fans didn’t make that any easier.

After the 49ers finally got over the Cowboys hurdle and won Superbowl 29, my excitement didn’t last long as we encountered a new problem — Brett Favre and his Green Bay Packers. Those guys became a serious problem for my 49ers, knocking us out of the playoffs and NFC Championships on four occasions.

Credit: http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/
Credit: http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/

As much as I hated the Cowboys, I loathed the Packers, partly due to John Madden co-signing a loan for Favre and being unable to contain his enthusiasm anytime Favre made a big play. Combined, the Packers and Cowboys (and bad Niners defenses…) were directly responsible for Steve Young and Jerry Rice not winning more Superbowls together.

In the 90s, the AFC team was simply there to coronate the NFC champ as whoever emerged from the NFC was all but assured another Superbowl trophy. I’m still grateful for the Broncos beating the Packers in 1998. Even now, watching Brett Favre on anything, including those lame jeans commercials, stirs up an irrational feelings of disgust and outrage. That tends to happen when a team knocks your squad out of the playoffs four times.

After enduring football purgatory with quarterbacks named Ken Dorsey, J.T. O’Sullivan, Tim Rattay and Troy Smith and the suit-clad Mike Nolan and pants-dropping Mike Singletary, I don’t take for granted the 49ers being playoff regulars again. Likely making me even more crazed than my younger, “calmer” days when playoffs and NFC West titles were a given.

Credit: http://madenext.com/comic-book-nfl-matchups/49ers-vs-packers/
Credit: http://madenext.com/comic-book-nfl-matchups/49ers-vs-packers/

I was giddy watching Colin Kapernick destroy the Packers in last year’s Divisional Playoff game with the read option play and thrilled when he dropped over 400 passing yards on them to kick off this season. Still, I wasn’t all that thrilled to see them in the playoffs this year and especially in that iced over frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

But fortunately, like the last three times we’ve played them, the 49ers — on the strength of our terrific defense and Kapernick’s nimble feet and laser-like passing — knocked off the Packers again and for at least one more week, this Niners fan can’t wait for next Sunday! Now it’s time to tame the Panthers!